DRAMAtical murder walk through

The aim of this walk through is to provide people with a clear, easy and spoiler free way of getting through this game and completing all the four main routes and finally the true one. 

I wasn’t going to write anything big about DMMd but I’m finally on the true route and wanted to write a walk through of the four main routes as well as how to get onto the true route (which I found really difficult), and finally the true ending (you know when I finish it). If there’s anymore information you would like just ask and I will try and help you out. It’s a real pain to work some of this stuff out though ¬¬

!!!Note for people who haven’t played a game like this before!!!


Do not save over previous choices

Common route

The game is firstly made up of a common route, the answers you give here will determine which one of the four routes you will go on later in the game. I will start from the first choice asked all the way through to the last one before you get onto an actual route.

First choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are not going down Koukjaku’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are going down Koujaku’s route.

Second choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are going down Clear’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are not going down Clear’s route.

Third choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are not going down Noiz’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are going down Noiz’s route.

Fourth choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are going down either Koujaku’s or Mink’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are going down either Noiz’s or Clear’s route.

Fifth choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are going down Noiz’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are not going down Noiz’s route.

Sixth choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are going down Koujaku’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are going down Noiz’s route.

Seventh choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are not going down Mink’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are going down Mink’s route.

Eighth choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are going down Mink’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are not going down Mink’s route.

Ninth choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are not going down Clear’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are going down Clear’s route.

Tenth choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are going down Noiz’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are not going down Noiz’s route.

Eleventh choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are not doing Clear’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are doing Clear’s route.

Twelfth choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are not going down Koujaku’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are going down Koujaku’s route.

Thirteenth choice:

Option one: Pick this if you are not going down Mink’s route.

Option two: Pick this if you are going down Mink’s route.

You will have no choices until Aoba is given the option to check on either, Koujaku, Noiz, Clear or Mink. The one you choose here will be the person who’s route you go on. Normally two names will show up but I somehow broke that…

I honestly don’t know how I managed to get all four names up….

Also for future reference, the top on is Koujaku, Noiz, Mink and then Clear (for those who can’t read katakana or kanji). But yeah the screen showing the final choice to make will look a little like this.

Four main routes

Apparently the `best` way to tackle each route is in the order of Koujaku, Noiz, Mink and lastly Clear. I didn’t do the game in this order and it doesn’t really have an effect on the story if you do them in any order you want, but I shall list them in this order.

Koujaku’s route

Koujaku’s route is made up of one good end and one bad end. There are four choices, depending on how you answer will depend on what ending you get.  The last choice out of all the choices on these four routes will always be scrap, and will differ with every character.

First Choice:

Option one: Go for the first choice and reply on Koujaku

Optiontwo: Congrats! You have taken your first step towards the bad ending~

Second choice:

Option one: Call out something for the good ending

Option two: Or maybe not? Bad ending ahoy!

Third choice:

Option one: Grab Koukaju’s arm!

Option two: Or you know whatever, bad ending!

Scrap: These things are such a pain!

You will firstly be presented with two choices, go for the second choice. You then have to type in the word `don’t lose` since this is in hiragana it’ll look something like this: まけるな. Select just these four symbols and proceed, you will come back to the choice just given. If you select the bottom choice again it’ll just make you fill in the まけるな phrase so from here go to the first option, but only click on it once you have spelt out the word.

You can write whatever you want and you’ll get the bad ending! (have fun), but if you write in things correctly then it should be smooth sailing to the end.

Noiz’s route

Noiz has a good ending and two bad endings (have fun!). There are four choices, depending on how you answer will depend on what ending you get.  The last choice out of all the choices on these four routes will always be scrap, and will differ with every character.

First Choice:

Option one: Twis but a scratch (bad ending)

Option two: Take him to the sink for the good ending.

Second choice:

Option one: Pfft! Who needs feelings anyway, bad ending anyone?

Option two: Convey your feelings directly for the good ending

Third choice:

Option one: But the bad endings!!!

Option two: Appears to be dissatisfied for the good ending!

Scrap: Now this one was just annoying ¬¬

Firstly, no the game is not broken. Wait until a choice appears, this is where you will be asked quite a few questions and if you don’t know Japanese (mine is terrible) then you’ll have a hard time knowing what this game wants from you.

Here’s what the word `yes` and `no` look like in Japanese:

Yes: はい

No: いいえ

This is a little awkward as it gives you more than one `yes` option for a question, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter which yes you pick. Always answer with no (いいえ) whenever it is available. Doing this will put you into the second round of questioning. Picking `yes` whenever there is a `no` option available will kick you to the title screen.

Do you want to be more comfortable already? はい

Do you want to give up already? はい

Do you want to rest already? はい

Do you want to sleep already?  はい

Is it okay to not wake up anymore? はい

Is it okay to not work hard anymore? はい

Is it okay to give up? いいえ

It’s not okay to give up? はい

No matter what? はい

Absolutely? はい

Tip: Even if it keeps asking you questions when you’ve answered all the above keep going, just do not press `yes` when `no` is available. Keep doing this until it lets you through.

Then you will be asked questions with proper answers (ie. not yes and no).

Bad endings:

First question: Go for the second option.

Second question: Go for the first option for the first bad ending and pick the second option for the second bad ending.

(What do you wish for?) And lastly choose the first option ( The real world) for the first bad ending. At this point if you choose the second option you get the second bad ending.

Good ending:

Continuing on from where the long answers appear.

First choice: Go for the first option.

Second choice: Go for the first option.

Third choice: Go for the first option.

Fourth choice: Go for the first option.

Fifth choice: Choose the only option.

If you choose any of the other options you will just get the second bad ending.

Ta da!~ Enjoy Noiz’s good ending ^^

Mink’s route

Mink’s route is made up of one good ending and one bad ending. Also the scrap at the end is pretty easy to work out ^^. There are four choices, depending on how you answer will depend on what ending you get.  The last choice out of all the choices on these four routes will always be scrap, and will differ with every character.

First choice:

Option one: Get ready immediately if you want the good ending!

Option two: But the bad ending!

Second choice:

Option one: Bad ending~

Option two: Don’t use the gun for the good end!

Third choice:

Option one: No not this one! This is where the bad choice is~

Option two: Even so you must resit Mink for the good ending

Scrap: I liked this scrap since it was pretty simple ^^

First choice:

Option one: Bad ending

Option two: Good ending

Second choice:

Option one: Bad ending

Option two: Good ending

Clear’s route

And lastly Clear, who is made up of one good end and one bad end ^^. There are four choices, depending on how you answer will depend on what ending you get.  The last choice out of all the choices on these four routes will always be scrap, and will differ with every character.

First choice:

Option one: Tell Clear firmly (Bad ending).

Option two: Listen to what Clear has to say (Good ending).

Second choice:

Option one: You’re thinking about things too much (Bad ending)

Option two: Are you afraid of something? (Good ending)

Third choice:

Option one: Look at Clear’s state (Good ending)

Option two: And for the bad ending, even so grab his arm.

Scarp: Two plates will appear in front of you, press either one of these to get the bad ending. For the good ending do nothing and let the plates slowing crack and smash!

 True route

When starting the true route you want to press `start` instead of loading up a saved file. All the characters you have obtained to this point should merrily stroll ahead. This route will have one good ending and two bad endings.

You will need to redo the common route, this time though there will be more choices asked to you. You can use the normal skipping option or the Nitro skip to go through you text you have already read, this really speeds it up.

First choice: Choose the first option.

Second choice: Choose the second option.

Third choice: Choose the second option.

Forth choice: Choose the second option.

Fifth choice: Choose the first option.

Sixth choice: Choose the first option.

Seventh choice: Choose the second option.

Eighth choice: Choose the second option.

Ninth choice: Choose the first option.

Tenth choice: Choose the first option.

Eleventh choice: Choose the first option.

Twelfth choice: Choose the second option.

Thirteenth choice: Choose the first option.

Fourteenth choice: Choose the second option.

Fifteenth choice: Choose the first option.

Sixteenth choice: Choose the second option.

Seventeenth choice: Choose the second option.

At this point you get off the common route and ta-da! You’re on the true route ^^

First choice: Choose the first option.

Second choice: Choose the second option.

Third choice:  Choose the first option.

This is the pivotal point in the route where you have the chance of getting any of the three endings.

Choice one:

Option one: For the good ending and second bad ending.

Option two: First bad ending.

Choice two:

Option one: First bad ending.

Option two: For the good ending and second bad ending.

Choice three:

Option one: Choosing this option will mean you have successfully obtained the first bad ending.

Option two: For the good ending and second bad ending.

Scarp: A route of DMMd wouldn’t be complete without a bit of scrap! And of course, if you fail this you get the second bad ending and if you win you get the good ending ^^

You will be given a load of choices with yes and no answers (kinda like with Noiz’s route. If you answer all the questions wrong or wait the questions stack up and once you reach a certain point you will get the bad ending.

This is pretty easy to work out, you can do this scarp by trail and error! You just need to remember what you answered each question. If you get it wrong an extra question will be added and it’ll pile up. The questions change as well so be careful. I’m not very good at explaining this part but have a go at it, I kinda enjoyed doing this one ^^.

Continue onto the good ending and with that you have completed the game!


If you have any questions or problems don’t be afraid to ask! ^^

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205 thoughts on “DRAMAtical murder walk through

  1. I need help. When playing the True Route, i do everything correctly to get the good end and second bad end, but it always brings me to the first bad end. I’m really confused and upset, and i can’t figure out how to avoid it. Could anyone help?

  2. exuse me , but for example if i start a new game by wanting to go with noiz route , so it doesnt matter the options i choose that doesnt concern him right ? and if i get the good ending and want to start with a second character then i have to restart the game from the start ???

  3. I’m a little confused…

    Upon adding the choices I made during the Common Route together, I found out that Mink had received four “points” (where I chose to go down his route), Noiz had three, and Koujaku and Clear both had only two points each…
    Nevertheless, I was not even given any kind of choice when it came to the branching moment – the game simply went with Koujaku.

    Sure enough though, going through the choices again always picking the one I didn’t the first time around (resulting in two points each for Koujaku, Clear and Noiz, and none at all for Mink), it gave me an equal choice between Noiz, Clear and Mink.

    That doesn’t make sense, somehow…

  4. Currently i’m doing Mink’s route. I did choose a wrong option on the scene where Akushima is gonna take Mink’s underlings. I choose the ‘say nothing’ instead of ‘i don’t wanna use the gun’ and I did not help the ppl that need help from the scrap. It does appear a third option where there’s the kids that made Aoba remind of the troublemakers in Heibon. And as i proceed to the end, i paused the game and saw the brain thingy on the bottom right corner is going to red colour.

    So my question is.. does the wrong options while doing the route will lead to bad ending? or only the scrap’s choices that will lead to bad end?

    Thanks for the guide anyway~

  5. But wait, I have not played the game, but my friend says that Virus and Trip has a route. What about them? And isn’t Ren’s route the last one?

    • Virus and Trip’s route are in the second game. Rens route gets unlocked after you complete the first four characters in the first game.

    • thats a special route with only a bad ending, you can get it after you complete the first four ones

  6. umm..i think it would sound weird, but it seems that i chose the bad end options at Mink route .. anyways i thought that i had to chose from which route to enter but it wasn’t like that.So after i make the Mink bad end what will happen?? I have to start the game? or.. ?

    • you should just load data and continue off from the scrap scene :D your bad end might be from the wrong choices while Aoba doing Scrap to Mink…

  7. Hello! I’m having a little problem, but nothing that I can’t live with it… The characters aren´t showing in the main menu! And, yes I have done their good endings! The only one that had show up, was Koujaku, then the other 3 (noiz, Mink and clear) haven’t :c And their albums in the CG media are completed -except noiz that only one image haven’t show up-
    If you know how I can make them showing up,please tell me! If not, theres no prob!
    Anyway! Thank you for the post!

    • This is a pretty commonly occurring problem, actually. Nine times out of ten the problem is that you haven’t watched all the way through the credit roll after finishing a route. So you’ll have to go back and watch that if you haven’t already for the game to register you as having completed the route, which is important if you want to get all of the good endings so you can try out the True Route!

  8. Hello! I was just at the Scrap part of Mink’s route, and I noticed on multiple walkthroughs that you get to choose whether to help someone or not twice. However, when I was playing it, I chose to not help both guys, but then a third option came up. I had to choose to help or not help a bunch of kids, which reminded Aoba of the siblings that go to his store. Do you have any idea why I may have gotten this third choice? I can’t find anyone else that has encountered it. Thanks!

    • I got a third option too! Except mine was an old woman who reminded Aoba of Tae. I don’t know why I got it either, it kind of confused me when it came up.. But anyway, you’re not the only one!!

  9. Can i ask you a question? Is there no resume option on the title menu? Or we need to reach the checkpoint or something like that? Thank you very much i hope it won’t be a bother to you:)

  10. hey C:
    i just wanted to ask about a strange thing, in the right click menu there’s a brain that shows whether i’m close to a bad end or a good end, and i played the true route, and i think i’m getting the good ending, but the brain is fully red. (i mean aoba is alive so this must be a good end)
    is this a glitch or did i break the game somehow? :’D i’m really confused

    • I think it is a glimpse of that you are close to the end. I mean the brain thing fills little by little untill the end. It shows progression i think. ^^

    • The brain shows Aoba’s control over his brain, if you get near a bad ending it fills up red and his power takes over but if you go towards the good endings it goes all blue because his power has stopped trying to take over his body!

  11. I don’t know if I entered to the true route, I started the game again, following mink’s route, but I just got mink’s good ending, nothing else, what am I doing wrong?

    • You’re supposed to do all the routes (get their good endings) and then once you’ve finished them is when you can get the true route

  12. I have a quick question–I’m not sure it’s a problem, but I just want to make sure…I’m playing DMMD for the first time, though I have watched a playthrough before-hand a while ago–but I played without looking at what choices led to what character while saving at every choice. I get to the scene where you’re supposed to be able to pick a route in Aoba’s room and it made me start Noiz’s route without giving me a choice. I don’t mind going down Noiz’s route first, however, I was jut wondering if this was normal, or a glitch, and do I need to go back and fix something?

    I’m sorry if this question sounds silly!

    • That happened to me with Koujaku. That’s most likely b/c you chose all the choices for Noiz’s route and for everyone else you chose the choices not for their route.

  13. so I seriously wanted all 4 characters

    *** note that I am playing the english patch version and found that some of the choices in this guide didn’t match up to my gameplay; if this doesn’t work for others, gomen ***

    I noticed that if I right-clicked during my game, a little colored dot — or “mark” — would show up at the bottom-right next to the brain-thingy whenever I made a choice that bonded Aoba closer to a character

    red = koujaku [k]
    yellow = clear [c]
    green = noiz [n]
    pink = mink [m]
    blank space = bad choice [x]

    paying attention to this, I found that there was a possible of 4 “marks” for any given character, and through some trial and error, discovered that you could get all 4 characters at the end of the common route if they ALL had 3 “marks” by the time you got there


    the combinations for the common route of the game are essentially insane, so to start, I narrowed things down by assuming that you’re *always* going to pick an answer that the game will reward you for with a “mark”

    tl;dr — you end up with 4 possible routes that DO NOT GIVE YOU ALL THE CHARACTERS

    kkkk ccc nnn mmm (auto koujaku; the game legit did not give me a choice) [kk]
    kkk cccc nnn mmm (auto clear; haven’t tested, assuming no choice) [ck]
    kkk ccc nnnn mmm (auto noiz; haven’t tested, assuming no choice) [kn]
    kk cccc nnnn mmm (no koujaku; he has the least marks and will be left out) [cn]

    the table of doom below is a list of the choices:

    1. (x/k) k

    2. (c/x) kc

    3. (x/n) kcn

    you have to pick either koujaku or clear
    4. (k/c) [k] kcnk / [c] kcnc

    5. (n/x) [k] kcnkn / [c] kcncn

    you have to pick either koujaku or noiz
    6. (k/n) [kk] kcnknk / [ck] kcncnk / [kn] kcnknn / [cn] kcncnn

    7. (x/m) [kk] kcnknkm / [ck] kcncnkm / [kn] kcnknnm / [cn] kcncnnm

    8. (x/m) [kk] kcnknkmm / [ck] kcncnkmm / [kn] kcnknnmm / [cn] kcncnnmm

    9. (x/c) [kk ]kcnknkmmc / [ck] kcncnkmmc / [kn] kcnknnmmc / [cn] kcncnnmmc

    10. (n/x) [kk] kcnknkmmcn / [ck] kcncnkmmcn / [kn] kcnknnmmcn / [cn] kcncnnmmcn

    11. (x/c) [kk] kcnknkmmcnc / [ck] kcncnkmmcnc / [kn] kcnknnmmcnc / [cn] kcncnnmmcnc

    12. (k/x) [kk] kcnknkmmcnck / [ck] kcncnkmmcnck / [kn] kcnknnmmcnck / [cn] kcncnnmmcnck

    13. (x/m) [kk] kcnknkmmcnckm / [ck] kcncnkmmcnckm / [kn] kcnknnmmcnckm / [cn] kcncnnmmcnckm

    to get all 4 characters, do one of the following (don’t do all of them you’ll shoot yourself in the foot)

    for [kk] = answer ‘x’ on ONE koujaku-only choice (1 or 12)
    for [ck] = answer ‘x’ on ONE clear-only choice (2, 9, or 11)
    for [kn] = answer ‘x’ on ONE noiz-only choice (3, 5, or 10)
    for [cn] = not possible; you MUST pick koujaku at one of the either/or questions (4 or 7)

    it is 2am and I am addicted to this game kthnxbai

    • Oh, I had the same idea to get a 4-choice common route end. ^^ Actually, got there pretty quick, soon after finishing my first playthrough. Just found this page with a 4-way screencap and no clear explanation on how to get it… which is a reason enough to spend an hour trying to figure it out all by myself without even reading comments first, eh? ^^ And yeah, I didn’t notice that mark before… >.<

      Anyway, I went a bit different route, just assuming there must be some kind of a counter of "attention" you can give to characters. At first I wasn't bothered much whether it's weighted or just +1 on any trigger. But seems like it's not that simple…

      So first I took the data from OP here and split it into what seems to be points of affection per character:
      Koujaku: 1b (hesitate), 4a (stairs), 6a (call out), 12a (fight)
      Noiz: 3b (brat), 5a (talk), 6b (call out), 10a (go),
      Clear: 2a (umbrella), 4b (roof), 9b (hear), 11b (call)
      Mink: 7b (bear), 8a (call out), 13b (listen)
      * 12a – OP says approaching Koujaku plays towards his route, but I got to think it's actually fighting his enemies that counts positively. Still I can be wrong on this or any other.

      Hence those are the choices supposedly granting 0:
      1a (shake), 2b (magician), 3a (fight), [4*], 5b (no), [6*], 7a (don’t), 8b (patient), 9a (inside), 10b (peek), 11a (search), 12b (approach), 13a (hesitate)

      And there are two exceptions (4 and 6) that can't grant zero, being a binary choice between two characters. I got around it by balancing them with each other and some fillers for other chars.

      At first my idea was also to just go with a bare minimum, i.e. solve 4&6 by giving 1 point to Koujaku and Noiz and just go with 1 positive for both Clear and Mink. Problem was on Mink's part, since he only has 3 possible triggers (others having 4 possibilities), so it seemed like his questions weight more. Trying it a few times got me at 3way at best (leaving Mink out if I pick only 8a) or just Mink alone (if I go with either 7b or 13b).

      I changed tactic to just fill it up a bit more, not just the minimum. Surprisingly, first attempt was exactly on spot. ^^

      Here's the combination I used:
      1b(K+), 2a(C+), 3b(N+), 4a(K+), 5a(N+), 6b(N+),
      7b(M+), 8b(M-), 9b(C+), 10b(N-), 11b(C+), 12a(K+), 13b(M+)

      Leaving this just in case someone's puzzled over this too. ^^

      • Um, update: yeah, colored markers really help, I get it now. ^^ There was an error in my layout: Mink’s 7b (be patient) actually is +1, while calling him out is 0. Then my minimalistic scenario also worked out. Which is ignore every possibility to gain respect except for mandatory 4&6 and 2 more to equal it out.

        E.g.: 2 – umbrella (C), 4 – stairs (K), 6 – call out Noiz (N), 7 – be patient (M), and trash everything else. Same result.

        Overall, pretty cool stuff, even if a bit too simple of a puzzle… oh, wait. That wasn’t intended part of the game, right? ^^”

  14. Does anyone know how exactly to get four choices? I got it on my first run and thought the game was naturally like that. My dad restarted my computer and so I wasn’t able to retrieve my save point data with the four choices, but I tried answering the same way. Either my memory is foggy or I just lucked out because, for some strange reason, I keep getting Mink’s route! I’ve been trying for a while now but no luck. Anyone know how to get the four choices?

    • When you answer correctly, a dot appears in the pause screen. Red dots are Koujaku’s, green ones are Noiz’s, pink ones are Mink’s and yellow ones are Clear’s. If you want to get the four choices you have to get the same number of all dots. I just did it getting two dots of each character and I have now the option to go to any route I want. ^^

  15. I am currently on Clear’s Route and I continually keep choosing the good ending but it always ends up the bad ending, and I clicked everything you have instructed and at the scrap part, I didn’t chose anything and all I get is the bad ending, is there anyway you think that could help me? Thanks :3

      • To get Clear’s good end you don’t click either option. You simply wait for both options to crack until they’ve both shattered.

  16. hello there, i already played kojaku’s bad end but he doesn’t appear on my title screen. is that means we have to get the main four ending to unlock the true end? or it’s okay to get only the bad end, even the character doesn’t appear on title screen?

    • You have to get the good endings for each of the four main guys (without skipping the credits at the end) for them to show up on the title screen (and to get the True Route). Good luck! :D

  17. Hello, i wanna ask you about Noiz’s path. I wanna get his good ending and I already did the things you said here. But after the scrap finished, there’s appears question again (i forget what the questions said-) and i answered “because it’s no good” and “a nice world”. After that appears “I’m too tired” (or something like that) and then it changed into a game mode, you know like the one that spamming Aoba, with looks like rpg game and then Aoba and Noiz fight the police. After it there’s text say something “we return to our usual daily life bla bla bla” and then it change to black screen. I try to clicking anything but it doesn’t has any effect, I even have to quit the game with task manager. I wonder what happened, is it because I chose a wrong option before (but I think I didn’t) or it’s one of bad ending, but there’s no credits appears even I waiting so long, or it’s because there’s a bug in the game-?
    I really don’t what to do, I’m so confused ; – ; I wish you can help solve it, it will be a great help Q w Q

    • That’s one of Noiz’s bad endings. “Because it’s no good” and “A nice world” are actually the wrong options to choose, I think. It’s always locked up like that for me when I’ve gotten the ending. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not. But yeah. You just picked the wrong answers!

  18. Hello!! This is probably a dumb question but I’m generally confused about how to play another characters route. I saved at all of my choices while picking them for Koujaku, but how do I get to another players route without having to nitro skip through the entire game again?? I reloaded all of the saves and chose the answers for Noiz, but once I did all of them it went back to Koujaku’s route again?? Do I have to choose the new answer, quick save, go back to the choice, save over that and reload the next one? Sorry if that didn’t make any sense aah I just don’t want to have to waste 40 minutes holding the n button down in order to play someone else’s route ;n;

    • What I did was just start a new game and Nitro Skip to all the choices. You just have to hit it once and it’ll automatically take you to the next choice/text you haven’t read yet. You don’t have to hold it down and wait or anything. It’s pretty instant and makes going through the common route a breeze. Just hit N, select the proper answer, read what happens immediately after, then hit N again. Rinse and repeat until you get to the character you want. If you’re still having the problem and are cursed with Koujaku, let me know!

      • see that’s what I was trying to avoid haha with my game it goes faster if I hold down N even if I have it on the fastest text, but it still takes maybe half an hour to get through all the choices, clicking N doesn’t take me to the next option. ;n; I’m just confused about what the point of saving at all the choices is if it doesn’t really do anything?? I’m still not sure if that makes sense but oh well I guess that’s what I’ll have to do to!! thank you anyway c:

    • That’s strange. On my game when I hit N it instantly takes me to the next set of choices. Usually it’s when you hold down ctrl that it just speeds up the text.

      When you autosave at each choice, it’s saving the game as it is BEFORE you selected an answer, and each time you save it’s to a different slot. Basically, say you change your first answer and save. And then you open up the save for the second choice. In this file, it still recognizes your first choice as counting toward Koujaku because that is the state the game was in before you saved at that choice, and there is no way to go back and change it. Autosaving at each set of choices is really only handy if you need to redo a question because you picked a wrong answer or if you just want to redo scrap or something to get a bad/good ending. It can’t really be used to route-hop.

      Nitro Skip is designed to immediately put you at the next question or to stop at text you haven’t seen before, which is why it’s so great for breezing through the common route. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work this way for you. Have you manually selecting Nitro Skip from the pause menu?

      • Yeah that’s why I was confused about what the point of saving was if it doesn’t allow you to progress further in the game. But it worked this time!! Haha sometimes when I press N it doesn’t skip any text and if it does it’s only one or two boxes, so I think I tried to nitro through it but that was happening so I just held down ctrl to get through it. But when I went back yesterday to play it I clicked N and it skipped to the next option, I’m not sure why I didn’t do that the first time or what happened with my game. Either way it’s a lot faster now and answers my question so thank you!!

  19. Hello,
    I’ve played all characters and beaten each one, however on the title screen it does not seem to register that I have completed any routes..Why is this?


    • Are you watching until the very end of the credits? If you close the game before the credit roll is over, it won’t save it as you completing the route.

  20. Oh, I know where’s the problem with Mink. I mean, if you wanna have them all in the common route, maybe some miscalculated the points. After you come back from Scratch’s crib, if you ask Clear if he did really hear you, you get Clear. But then, Mink reacts or so Aoba says. I didn’t realize it before because I didn’t want to think too much about Mink’s signals. But after playing the whole game, I found out about the dots in the menu, and I tried to play again without going the true route. I tried to balance out their points, and so I chose to hurry inside just so I wouldn’t give Clear more points than the others. It ended up giving Mink some points, though.

  21. hello there, actually i just start to play the game and i already follow your instruction and in the end.. i must choice between noiz, clear, and Koujaku but… mink choice is not appear here, do i make wrong?
    thank you before

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