Posted in June 2012

2012 Summer season Anime list and Poll

With summer in full swing, there’s not long left till the new season of anime and what better reason is there for us to hold a poll? please note we know one or two already have a episode out or two for example “Kingdom” but we’re counting in in the summer season anyway still. Also … Continue reading

One month till WonFes!!!

This year I started the expensive and highly unpredictable hobby known as figure collecting. So far I have 5 1/8s, some trading figures as well other other random things. So yes my collection is pretty small but hey, you got to start somewhere! And so on the 26th of July one of the most exciting … Continue reading

Visual Novel Archetype: The Imouto

The Imouto a Archetype that has enraptured many Visual novel fans, totally unlike real Imoutos which are quite frankly moody, annoying bitches nearly all the time. The Imoutos we are going to take a little look at would probably make you question your opinion on incest if they were your own imouto. With bags of … Continue reading

Kippy’s summer anime list (2012)

I don’t even need to closely investigate the summer season to know that it’s going to be another `catch up season`. Looking through the list there are quite a few second seasons of cute moe stuff coming out and shockingly I haven’t seen the first season for a lot of them, so must of this … Continue reading

Upcoming visual novels I’m interested in

It’s probably a bit late to be talking about this seeing as a large amount of the Visual novels I’m looking forward to will be released within the next week, But! None the less I will anyway. Robotics;Notes A collaboration between 5pb and Nitroplus, set in the same universe as their past releases; choas; head … Continue reading

Black wolves saga: Bloody nightmare first impressions

Since I’m attempting to learn Japanese I’ve gotten into the habit of buying/watching/reading things in Japanese in an attempt to improve my understanding of the language and to pick up new words! Uuchujin recently suggested I get this visual novel called Black wolves saga: Bloody nightmare, I looked at the artwork and it was very … Continue reading

The Darkness 2

[It shall be noted that this review is for the single player only] There was a time when I bought my first Xbox 360 (notice the word ‘first’) and was looking for some games to actually play on it, I picked up two to start with, Sonic 06 (we’ll get to that at a later … Continue reading