GSC is trying to steal people’s money!! Godoka edition

In the year 2011 the animation studio SHAFT took a a well loved genre and naturally gave it their quirky twist, the result of this show? Puella Magi Madoka Magica! This show as everyone knows is extremely popular and a lot of people have watched it. No one was surprised to see our good friends at GSC jump at the chance to release all the magical girls as figures. Their newest, most expensive and ambitious product from this line is the ultimate Madoka (Or Godoka) and was shown in full colour not too long ago, have you seen it yet? It basically looks like this!

Yes it’s very pretty isn’t, with all it’s detail and bewitching beauty. Many people’s first intention was to throw money at this thing and I do admit at first I was really into this figure and even considering purchasing her (she costs 11,000 yen) but after a while I just dropped the thought of getting her. Why you ask? Because I didn’t like Madoka!

Okay that may not be a good enough reason for some people, but I don’t think I’m willing to pay so much money just because it looks nice. Everyone has their own reasons for buying figures and if I don’t like the character then the less likely I am to buy the figure.

Also I kinda think Godoka looks well….dull. The light pink and the purple do work well together and all but I just find myself feeling very indifferent about this figure. But then again that’s just my opinion and people are overwhelmed by this figure, so I say let these people buy and swoon over Godoka. That’s fine, I’ll stick to my Kyoko ❤


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