GSC’s Princess of the crystal figure

I watched the Mawaru Pneguindrum anime only this week and I have to say I adored it. It’s a truly wonderful, imaginative and fun anime that I will treasure my whole life and has become one of my much loved titles.

I already knew about Good smile company putting out a figure of her but I wanted to watch the anime first to know about this `Princess of the crystal`. I came to love this figure a lot more because of it

I was fully committed to buying her but there is one HUGE problem about this figure that bothers the living hell out of me! What is this flaw you ask? Too stunned by her beauty to notice?! Well I have a picture here of the area:

It’s not what she’s wearing, I’m fine with it (since this is what she wears in the anime and it’s awesome) it’s more the shape of the groin itself is terrible! The amount of figures out there that focus on this part of a lady and they mess up here?! I’m truly disappointed by your halfhearted efforts GSC!

You may be thinking that the sculpt is to match the style of the anime, but I had a good look while watching the series (It waves that part of her in your face) so I know that the princess of the crystal has no structural defects in `that` department.

I was dead set on buying this figure but now I’m not so sure about it. I’m gonna wait to see what the release date and the final product is (as well as the price) before even thinking about buying this figure. You never know though, I may just cave in because of my love for everything Penguindrum!!!


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