Visual novels: Backgrounds that make me stare

Hey again, this time I’m here to talk about some Visual novel backgrounds that really stand out and make me just sit and stare at them, looking at all the detail.
Though there are countless examples of games that have stunning background art, the ones that get me are the ones that have things going on in the background. (WUT?! is this lesbians in the background, SWEET!)

A developer that keeps putting in very funny and interesting background for their classroom scenes is Key.

(just look at the students interacting with each other, oh and look at the doorway)

Another company that really likes it’s background is Liar-soft, in their work they take great care in creating really engrossing background scenery.

 (The street really does look like it’s crowded doesn’t it? Try and look closely at the people in the street see if you can spot it.)

These types of background really do make me waste alot of time staring at the little details in them, adding hours onto my overall play time >.< Anyway needless to say I’m sure Visual novels with eye sucking backgrounds will continue to suck up my time.


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