Black wolves saga: Bloody nightmare first impressions

Since I’m attempting to learn Japanese I’ve gotten into the habit of buying/watching/reading things in Japanese in an attempt to improve my understanding of the language and to pick up new words!

Uuchujin recently suggested I get this visual novel called Black wolves saga: Bloody nightmare, I looked at the artwork and it was very pretty and being an otome game I was rather interested to pick it up despite having no English patch and being completely Japanese. My initial thoughts for the game were that  mainly that almost everyone in this game seems to have cute ears, be it dog, wolf or rabbit and they twitch every so often! It’s rather darling!

I know they are talking to me…but their ears…so cute >.<

So anyway, the game opens with this dramatic scene of wolves killing a village of humans. It’s all very bloody and watching it is rather fun (there’s a lot of screaming and evil giggles). None the less we are soon taken somewhere else shown our heroine, who lives in a tower with two disturbing dogs that turn into shota and a guy with bunny ears. Apparently it’s soon to be her 16th birthday and her father and some hot red haired guy are even over to celebrate.

You can tell they want me

The party doesn’t last long though as the tower is stormed and the heroine of the story is taken away to be charged for being a witch! I don’t really think there was any evidence of this before hand so I have no idea if she’s a witch or not. But then again she does have those creepy shota that turn into dogs so it wouldn’t surprise me.

He’s come to take me away!!! Wait…does that suit of armour have cat ears!?

The whole witch thing doesn’t seem to go down well with the local people and after a little bit of pushing and shoving it seems  she is to be locked away in…green house or something. Well it’s basically a greenhouse anyway. No really…her punishment for being a witch is to be locked inside a greenhouse, with sexy men visiting me all the time and she even has her own personal army of mice that follow her around.


So in a nut shell this is basically where the game starts (or just before it starts letting me have choices). I’m not entirely sure which route to go for (I’ll be staying away from the freaking shota) but I’ll post any amusing story developments or things that occur while I play.


5 thoughts on “Black wolves saga: Bloody nightmare first impressions

  1. Ah thanks. Another question. Do you know if I can get this for free? x.x I don’t gots the money for this.

    • The place where I got the game originally doesn’t seem to have it anymore (also I unfortunately had to clean out my computer recently so I don’t have the game anymore).

      I had a little look around but all I can really see for the game is fake torrents. Sorry! ^^;

      • From what I can see no one has picked it up for translation. Sorry. Otome games don’t normally get a translation, it’s a sad world we live in xD

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