Visual Novel Archetype: The Imouto

The Imouto a Archetype that has enraptured many Visual novel fans, totally unlike real Imoutos which are quite frankly moody, annoying bitches nearly all the time. The Imoutos we are going to take a little look at would probably make you question your opinion on incest if they were your own imouto.
With bags of cuteness, over dependability, chants of nii-san and that I will do anything for my nii-san attitude.

now lets take a look at three splendid examples picked from some visual novels I’ve played semi-recently.

First up is from the Visual novel Monobeno (developed by lose, shockingly this title was released with lots of extra special h-scene content nufufufuu , and had a extremely pretty art style anyway back onto topic)  Nazuha an endearing loli-imouto who loves her nii-san very much.

(Isn’t she just adorable?)
 The story centres around Nazuha and her character is very well developed giving you a real sense of knowing them and actually engaging you in the problem that occurs later in the game.  As a character Nazuha is likeable with many cute traits and a positive attitude.
(Holy crap! maidu?!?!)
 But worry not people who aren’t fans of loli’s later within the story due to tragic magical interfering’s  Nazuha experiences a surge in growth, causing emotional strain and making her in many points break down, but we wont talk about that spoils the story.Without further adieu here’s LEVELED up Nazuha.
( Those tartars Spectacular aren’t they?)
Next on my list is from Hare Tokidoki o Tenkiame (hareten for short) Developed by Palette, Nazuna, shes the Disabled imouto of the protagonist and is ever cheerful always trying her best for her nii-san, even waking him up in the morning though her way of doing it is quite odd, namely using a hand grabber to pinch the protagonists penis to wake him up, it’s funny trust me.
(Nazuna, with before mentioned hand grabber)
She as with all Imoutos within visual novels harbours a unfulfilled secret love for her nii-san, Her route really is really fun as she is herself a really fun character with a very sweet side.
Over all she’s a really sweet gal and her route pull off a acceptable and heartfelt ending, I would recommend her to any siscon.
Now for the last imouto in my little post today, shes Sakura from Sukima Zakura to Uso no Machi
(Developed by Propeller
check out there upcoming game Tokyo Babel looks to be really good)
This imouto is well the dominating type, with her ” imouto orders” which the protagonist seems to be unable to resist fulfilling, leading to all sorts of hilarious happenings. If you’re a fan of dominating women I’d suggest playing her route complete with the siscon patch cause the patch is well worth going through.
(don’t be entirely fooled by the super cuteness, she is definitely in charge)
Sakura is most definitely a tease often asking, how does this feel in such a lewd tone I couldn’t help but be quite impressed at the voice acting skills, she’s complete with a fairly tsundere like attitude filled with arrogance.
(protagonist gets a cold? her way to cure it is not with normal medicine but with a  suppository and with extra teasing to add effectiveness)
 (Dominant for sure, I like the added tongue sticking out and Dem thigh-highs)

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