One month till WonFes!!!

This year I started the expensive and highly unpredictable hobby known as figure collecting. So far I have 5 1/8s, some trading figures as well other other random things. So yes my collection is pretty small but hey, you got to start somewhere! And so on the 26th of July one of the most exciting times for any figure collector is coming up, Wonder festival! (or WonFes for short).

Twice a year all the figure companies gather together on these days to show off and promote their products and is where a lot of new stuff is shown to the consumers for the first time. Anything  from images, prototypes and fully painted figures are revealed at this event. God…just thinking about it gets me all excited!

I was recently asked by someone on MFC (My figure Collection) if there was anything I’m looking forward to or want to see at the summer WonFes. After thinking about it for a bit I’d complied a short list of what I would like to see:

  • Prototype of an Uta no prince sama 1/8 figure (Alter) Maybe some new ones announced would be nice!

Ittoki Otoya!! Though I’m hoping for a Natsuki Shinomiya figure too! :3

  • More Fate/Zero 1/8, mainly Lancer. I don’t really want them to make more Saber ones.
  • Generally any more male figures (From Alter would be nice)

And yeah…all I really want are more male figures (I’m pretty lame like that ^^;).

I’m really just going to sit there and let the companies surprise me. Half hoping that they’d be something I’d like. half hoping that there won’t be too many!!! Expensive hobby is expensive!


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