Aorio: visual novel review

Name of developer: ab:lib
Release date: 29/06/2012
genre: comedy/romance

Last month saw a ero-wave of visual novels and Aorio was one of the three I was most looking forward to playing.

Quick synopsis 

The game starts with the main character Satou Daisukes first offical day of school, due to being hospitalized for over a month by a stomach ulcer just before school started, alienating him from the rest of the class. After-school as he is lamenting his misfortune he is asked by a pretty girl sitting next to him to join the same club as her. He willingly agrees to this and signs to join, without even knowing what club he will be joining, it turns out he’s signed up the join the unpopular drama club.



Yuka Matsuzawa
The club president of the drama club she’s a 3rd year student ( two years the main characters senior) she’s the confident and outgoing heroine of the game. she’s interested in anime and the like, She’s classed as a otaku heroine but the game never really picks up or develops much on that so I can’t really label her as one. You quickly find out that her life goal and dream is to be a seiyuu (voice actor).

Haruka oki

A 3rd year student, forced to join the drama club by Yuka and has been there ever since. Kind, understanding, very helpful and giant boobs, when the main character first joins the club she helps him learn the ropes. She’s quite shy and quick to blush, no wonder as she has a adoring kouhai within the club who consistently proclaims her love for her and wishes to fondle her colossal breasts .

Maki Nonomura

The before mentioned adoring kouhai of Oki, she’s a hella energetic girl, with a over fondness for large breasts, even though her own are not to be scoffed at  . She’s the noisy one using alot of onomatopoeia in her speech. She’s close with Rio and is in the same class as the protagonist.

Mikimoto Sarasa

2nd year student and official script writer for the drama club. quite and fairly monotone, she speaks very slowly. It’s fairly obvious that she’s a fujoshi, often whispering  to herself. her character visually and partly character-wise reminds me of a mix between Mio from Little busters! and Yuki Nagato from the Haruhi franchise.

Rio Yamabuki

I’ll mention that before having played this game and having only looked briefly at the official and seen a couple Cg’s  I though “Ooh nice I wanna do that route for sure”  so I started the game set on doing so only to foolishly find out early on Rio is not a route for one simple reason Rio is a man, a trap this made me faceplam. I have to give credit to Ab;lib for a unexpected and well done trap it caught me off guard, But i still wanted a Rio route even if it was a he >.<.
Rio is the proclaimed “pretty girl” that entices you to join the drama club the character is a straight shooter and when the protagonist is unbelieving that Rio is a boy, Rio offers to let him touch to find out. Rio is a pretty funny character that provided alot of laughs for me, he has a obsession with cute things such as dresses and whatnot, This like of cute things is the main reason why they joined the drama club, for the reason that they would get to wear pretty dresses.


As many of you would have noticed the artwork looks familiar especially in Yuka’s case (looking like a brown haired Sena from haganai) the reason for this is Buriki (the artist for haganai and denpa onna) also did the artwork for this.
This Visual novel has a fairly unique look about it. The way the shading and designs are done make it look like an anime, this artwork made me think beforehand that it might be animated (like Jellyfish’s Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ or overflows School Days) sadly it’s not . The CG artwork for Aorio is really pretty making good use of lighting effects and shading .

The Character sprites (look above)  are I believe fairly diffrent looking from the CG’s art wise This may sound obvious as the CG artwork is obviously going to be better and prettier looking, but that’s not my point here. I like how the sprites have been done they’re kind of slightly different looking from most average Eroge.
An interesting feature Aorio implements is using floating heads when characters talk to another at a distance or for multiple reaction faces.

(example of before mentioned “floating head” it ever so slightly reminds me of  yukkuri)


Music-wise Aorio is pretty standard with nothing really standing out, it’s not bad or annoying it doesn’t get boring with it in the background. The most notable feature music-wise is that the title menu has the Opening song playing which is a nice cheery song.

Personal thoughts and other features

The game is a well put together comedy with some quite entertaining moments (like  the entire club getting drunk in the protagonists room and ranting about their non existent love lives) and a fairly interesting cast each sporting their own unique traits no characters overlap which is quiet nice. I like the use of floating heads it adds a comedic effect and is a nice addition. Aorio features a pretty sweet looking UI.

(just look at that UI it’s pretty nice looking )

I’ve found the game so far to be really enjoyable, Though I don’t really intend to finish all the routes mostly I’m interested in Yuka as most people are frankly (’cause she, you know look just like Sena)
The characters are likeable the arts nice the story is entertaining for those looking for a nice comedy it’s a pretty good choice.


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