Persona 4: Protagonist!!!!

Megahouse are at it again. They’ve recently updated their G.E.M line with the protagonist from Persona 4 (I named him Florence Sparkles for anyone interested when I was playing the game!). This line can be kinda…hit and miss. I love the fact they are doing male figures but they do seem pretty cheap and at times lazy (Look at their Killua figure, it’s ugly as hell). So let’s have a lookies at him…

He looks so….erm…good? :/

I didn’t expect anything…amazing. The sculpt looked okay when it was first shown but now that he’s painted a few things bother me. For instance his glasses are looking awkward, the card he’s holding looks pretty thick and his right hand looks rather disfigured! Not to mention the pose is rather lifeless and lacks any kind of energy. For anyone interested you can take off his glasses but then his expression is quite….boring at that. Gah! I mean I know he doesn’t say much in the game put he could smile or something….then again him smiling would be weird.

This is overall boring and disappointing! I’ll be giving him a pass and hope for a decent Naoto figure in the mean time!


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