Kokoro Connect: First impressions/Review

Genres: Comedy
Animation studio: SILVER LINK
Chief director: Shin Oonuma
Director: Shinya Kawamo
Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo
 Plot Summary

The teen comedy follows a strange phenomena at Yamahoshi Academy’s  Culture Club, starting with the five male and female club members switching bodies with each other.

The Review part

Now that’s enough with the starting details, lets move onto the content of the episode and the actual review.
We begin with a a pretty standard sequence of seeing the main cast wake up and get ready for school, after which we cut to the opening theme (more about the OP and ED later). After we get back we are shown a inner mono-log of  the main character Taichi Yaegashi Self proclaimed “die-hard” wrestling fan, who goes on to talk about the other four members of the Cultural club; Kiriyama Yui who wanted to join the fancy club ’cause she likes cute things (a girl who likes cute stuff ground breaking) but finds it’s already closed down, Aoki Yoshifumi who wanted to join the “players club” but found out there was no such thing, Nagase Iori who thought it was more fun to let her teacher decide what club she would be in (real smart thing to do) , and Inada Himeko who joined the computer society but after a spat with the president was forced to leave.

The thing about all these characters is that they are really just one dimensional Blobs with no original or even mildly interesting personality or traits, none of them appeal to me they are just the same type of characters you could find by watching any anime (quite seriously it’s a copy and paste character job here) with some small quirk added in some cases like the guy who likes wrestling, but he’s such a beta spineless male lead. What really would have been good is to make the characters interesting hint at some dark secrets that could ruin their life if exposed or anything that could make this show not a a bunch of plain boring students swapping bodies with other plain boring students.

We find out that two of the characters; Yui and Aoki have had a dream like experience of being in each others bodies last night and have been discussing between themselves if it was real or not, so they go the the club room to talk it over with the others, which obviously assume it a joke and pay no serious heed to it. for some reason Himeko gets over irate about such a terrible joke and hits Aoki for it, rising tensions in the clubroom and making it slightly uncomfortable, to disable this mood Iroi does some `tee-hee I forgot something in the classroom I better go get it`. At this point Taichi (the boring wrestling guy) blinks and is transported to Iroi’s body, who is currently looking in her desk in the classroom. He does what we all would do after suddenly seeing he has boobs and gropes them (fair enough) now  the only unexpected bit of the entire episode happens, some female class mate see’s Taichi in Iroi’s body but she obviously doesn’t know that (it could get confusing if lots of poeple swap bodies every episode) she get’s a lesbian and offers to help out with the breast groping, but no Iroi in Taichi’s body rushes into the classroom and drags Taichi in Iroi’s body away back to the clubroom to explain what has happened.

After some attempts to pry laughter from the audience, they decide to ask each of them a question only the other would know, for Taichi in Iroi’s body it’s what was the last adult film he borried from Aoki at which is exclaims “big brested high scho” then asks if he can whisper it inot Aoki’s ear instead. Himeko then whispers something into Iroi who is in Taichi’s body’s ear making her reel back in a hilarious way (sarcasm)

Seriously who the hell watches their porn on tapes these days? I’m pretty sure with Japan having some of the best internet speeds in the world they would all just watch or download it online, not have to  buy magazines or borrow tapes form school friends. this enitre section of the show bugged me I can under stand why the other two members who had the same sort of thing happen to believe them easily but the ways they come up with to make sure are stupid, boring and lame, so he has a thing for big boobs who cares? Yhey could of at least made his fetish interesting and the way he gets all embarrassed is just lame the exact reaction I’d expect from a spineless beta male.

Suddenly they switch back (ohoho how unexpected) Now after having the start of the show begin with us seeing the characters get up and everything, we see them now at room or walking home, what a splendid and interesting way to end a episode.

The op and ed

Both the opening theme and ending theme are really boring basic, standard affairs, with well frankly meh songs to go along with them. the most noticeable fact about either is that the ending features very little animation using alot of still frames, especially with Iroi sleeping on a couch. In summary both are pretty lame and skip-able .


While this sort of body swapping drama could be interesting, seeing characters forced into other’s lives and seeing the world how they see it and going through what they do, could make for interesting watching. If any of the character were interesting in the slightest! I’ll get to the point the cast is plain and boring. The jokes overused and generic. The setting provides not that much space for a interesting plot to develop, seriously what could they do set in a school we haven’t seen a million times. The sound track is just what you would expect from this boring mediocre show.
I had a tiny bit of hope before I watched this show as it was animated by SILVER LINK, who animated C3 and dusk maiden (both shows rose above my first expectations and turn out to be not all that bad) but from the first ep I can’t see Kokoro Connect being something of worth. The presentation of It was just so copy and paste, oh a outcast club of people with very little personality and what’s that they swap bodies??!! God just inspired. Just how much fun can it be to see one 1D character swap places with another, apparently not fun at all.
For those people who want to watch something  were something actually happens I recomend you don’t watch Kokoro Connect, Unless you want something to rag on.


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