Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

I recently got NISAmerica’s Ano hana boxset through the post and after re-watching the series in one day (I cried at the ending again) I’ve decided to do a little review of the series and what not! Here we go!

NISAmerica’s release of the Ano hana boxset, on Blu-ray and DVD with an art book

So firstly I should say what the anime is about (I dislike writing about the general abouts of a show). Ano hana is based around 6 friends who from a young age created the `Super peace busters` and spent a large amount of time in their group hangout in the forest.  A fatal accident one day sees one of the members of the group Menma fall into a river and tragically lose her life. Skip a few years into the future where our story actually begins Jitan who was the leader of the Super peace busters is now a shut in, he doesn’t go to school but spends all his time inside. The group of friends over the years due to accident has split up and no longer remain in contact with each other. This is all perfectly understandable, even so all is not well as Jintan begins to see a grown up version of ghost Menma who only he can see. And what does she want? For her wish to be granted.

The Super peace busters, Tsuruko, Yukiatsu, Menma, Jintan, Anaru and Poppo

It would probably take a while for me to write down everything I feel about this series. So I’ll keep it short. During the series we find out how everyone felt about the passing of Menma, what happened on the day Menma died and how Jintan seeing Menma again brings the group together so that they can send Menma off again. I used the word `Menma` four times in that sentence?! Geez…but yes it’s all about Menma and why not? What happened really effected the group, Menma was an honest and sweet young girl who had no flaws and saw everything in the most pleasant of ways.

Where this series stands out is in the last half of the final episode. This is where everything we’ve seen in the series ties together and finishes the story. And because it was so well done it is one of the reasons it is so loved. I mean yes the first part of the last episode revealed how everyone felt but `that scene` really makes this show. And people who have seen the anime know what I’m on about, I refuse to spoil anything otherwise you won’t get the full impact. For me I can easily say that that scene is one of the saddest things I have ever seen and the creators really aim for the heart.

Menma, how I love you

For anyone interested the Blu-ray for the Ano Hana boxset is not region locked. I tested it on my region 2 PS3 and I was able to play the disc. However the DVD disc seems to be locked. Also the packaging provided by NISAmerica is really something special. If you don’t have any of their titles I really recommend that you take the dive and try one of their titles.

See short and simple! ^^


One thought on “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai

  1. Ano Hana was something else. I nearly creid near the end (I was VERY close to weeping). Some weren’t affected at all, but their lives are supposedly grim. As for me, Anaru and Poppo were my fav characters. You know, it’s been a while since I watched the show so my apologies for not contributing much. However, if you want my complete opinion and how the show affected me, look up #125 of my G-Views. Cheap plug, I know.

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