Ouran High School Host Club

Firstly sorry for not posting a lot right now. I’ve gotten distracted with certain anime and I was successful enough to borrow an Xbox along with the Tales of Vesperia game…and yeah, I’m loving Vesperia a lot right now so it has all of my attention.

Getting back to the subject I recently ordered the final volume of Ouran High School Host Club. I don’t really want to review it but simply put my feeling about this series down onto paper…or on the computer I suppose. So here we go.


It’s at this time that I end up feeling that it’s all a trap. Right? I mean it is! Let me explain. I remember that I watched the Ouran High School Host Club anime on New year’s day in 2009 (don’t ask me how I remember that). I loved it. It was colourful, funny, engaging. Needless to say I have indeed watched it several times and it still makes me giggle to this day. So as I do I went out and bought as much of the manga as I could and then got into the cycle of waiting for Viz to put out the new volumes (the last two volumes took six months to come out ¬¬). This is where the trap bit comes into play. I’m not entirely sure how to put my feelings into this as I’ll probably go all sappy and start talking about crap, but here we go!

The last volume is so well done, everything wraps up so well, I did want Haruhi to go with Hikaru but in the end she does make a really good couple with Tamaki, no really. it’s scary how good they are together. It’s not every day you come across a manga where the character’s relationship feels so real and it’s enjoyable to watch.  The manga was just a load of fun, the characters, situations….it even has those serious parts that make you care for everyone more and drags you deeply into the fun that the Host club have on a daily basis. This manga wanted people to laugh and I can never fault it for that, especially when it does such a wonderful and honest job of it.

The Host club!!! 

It took normal cliches that are seen in shojo manga and put a refreshing spin on it. Sure the artwork at the beginning was scruffy and panel layouts look messy throughout the manga, but if anything that just added to it’s charm because, well, the host club and their antics are crazy!! I mean they really do live in a different world from us don’t they!? The characters are also wonderful, while they are heavily based on stereotypes seen in shojo manga they have a life of their own, are wonderfully developed and they interact so well with each other. Personally I could sit around for hours and watch them argue, or go out on an adventure or anything really. They are delightfully amusing!

It’s sad, it truly is. For the past, what…three and a half years I’ve always had this manga to enjoy and now it’s finally all come to an end. I truly love this manga. I’m sure everyone can relate when I say it’s horrible to have something you love end, it kinda feels like time has stopped for a while and there’s a hole in your heart that can never be replaced…because that’s where that story and those characters reside.  And you’ll never see them again. Ah!!! I’m just being sappy like I said I would…I can always read the manga or watch the anime again, I do own them both…but as we all know it isn’t the same.

I don’t know if other people feel like this, maybe I’m just being overly sentimental (laughs). I do feel sad looking over at the complete collection of the series thinking how it’s all over. Alas this is the trap, finding something, falling in love with it and then it all coming to a wonderful, funny and lovable end. Even if it was predictable, it doesn’t need to pull out any magic tricks or plot twists to finish well. It ended just the way it should. With the host club together…

I think this is where I end it. Honestly I’m still pretty upset that it’s over, not that I wanted it to continue. Don’t want to ruin a good thing by padding it out now do we? Ouran High School Host Club will be with me always in some form. It’s truly wonderful and I would recommend to anyway to give it a go at the very least.

This is my way of saying goodbye to it. I’m so happy that I was able to be a witness this insane and wonderful bunch of people. This series reminds me of how much I love my hobby and I shall never forget how it made me feel and how happy I am to have known it.



One thought on “Ouran High School Host Club

  1. Hi~ I just recently watched the anime and I got so hooked! I can’t believe I just discovered this recently! I even started to read the manga now since I can’t get enough. I don’t usually read manga version when I watch the anime but I just want more Ouran! Like you, I hope I could move on once I finish reading the manga.

    “Oh how I wish there would be another anime just like this.” *tamaki style monologue*

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