Tales of Vesperia

Today is an exceptionally fine day as I was able to finish Tales of Vesperia! I’m so happy! It was such an awesome game, I really did enjoy playing it! I’m normally pretty bad at games but I seem to actually know what I’m doing here!!

For those who don’t know what this amazing game is I’ve kindly put the opening to the game here! Enjoy:


I don’t feel like describing the plot for the game or spoiling what happens, but I can safely say that this game is story heavy. You’ll need to pay attention to what’s happening to know what to do next otherwise you’ll be lost at what to do next. The characters talk and interact a lot with each other over the course of the game which nicely fleshes them out and makes them more lovable (Raven <3). The story links in heavily with the characters as well (duh), it explains everyone’s pasts experiences that link directly with their motivations for what and why they do things (like what I said before between Yuri and Flynn).


The characters are wonderful. I loved them all even the bad guys! I find that there’s always some twerp skulking around that you really wish you didn’t bump into but I didn’t really find any here (apart from Harry ¬¬). All the characters appear to have their own sense of justice and their own reasons for doing what they do.

The main charcters from the game Repede, Karol, Rita, Yuri, Estellise, Flynn, Judith and Raven

For instance Yuri and Flynn both have a very similar idea of what justice is however they enforce it in completely different ways which makes for a more interesting and compelling relationship between these two.

Raven by far was one of my favorites! The mysterious older guy who at first we don’t know much about but naturally his background is exposed as the game goes on.  I won’t spoil anything but Raven is awesome and I really loved finding out about him!!

Another character I found amusing was Zagi, I didn’t really understand what his motivation was until the end where the group talk about how he was so strong that he didn’t have an equal when it came to fighting however with Yuri he thought he had found someone of which he could go all out on.

Game play 

Personally I found the battle system a little hard to grasp at first but by the end of the game I was easily able to defeat the final boss! ;D It combines regular RPG elements every person in your team has a class so their arts change depending on what they do. For instance Estellise is the healer so she gets a lot for healing arts etc.

One thing that I found really handy (and may have abused a little) was that you can change the battle difficulty if something is too much for you to handle. For instance I was in a forest and randomly the game fucked me over by throwing a really strong monster at me! I wasn’t prepared at all! I couldn’t leave to get more items either which was really frustrating D:<. I had to do a bit of grinding too which was a first. Actually I’m happy to say this is one of those RPG’s that you won;t have t spent hours upon hours grinding just to be a high enough level to beat bosses >.<.

Tales of Vesperia involves a lot of travelling, be that by foot, boat or air and because of this you’ll spend a lot of your time getting from place to place on the map, it’s not big enough for you to get lost but it’s certainly big enough for there to be a need for an airship!

Final thoughts

I  really loved this game! Everything about it was so wonderful and I’m so happy I went through the trouble of borrowing an Xbox off someone to play it. I have the Tales of Graces F game on pre-order and I’m really happy that I do! I really can’t wait to jump back into another Tales of game :3 I would recommend that people at least give this game a go. I haven’t played any other Tales of games (because the others are so damn hard to get a hold of or either not licensed here) so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but alone I think this is such a strong, fun and interesting game that deserves a lot of love! I’m even considering giving it another go before I have to return the Xbox but right now I’m taking a break, I’m not used to spending so much time playing games.

Honestly there is a lot more I can say about this game, but I didn’t take any notes while playing so most of all that witty clever stuff I could have said has gone down the drain!

Oh me!

Thanks for reading!!


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