People’s thoughts on Visual novels, eroge, dating sims and the like

Though I know hardly anyone really follows this blog at all and there are much better places to find this out. I was interested in inquiring what our readers or anyone who stumbles across this posts thinks of Visual novels, eroge , dating sims and stuff.

Personally I find the medium really intriguing, Having lived all my life in England  I never really was very exposed to Japanese culture, sure I watched Dragon ball Z while it was airing religiously and even watched episodes of Gandam wing and pokemon but after my childhood it took me untill about 4-5 years ago to really re-find anime, manga and that whole sub-culture, it took me even longer to actually go and pursue visual novels with an interest (any enough of the life story crap)

To sum up. I think visual novels are really interesting letting you tell a story in a way that you can incorporate Written text, visual’s (backgrounds, character sprites, Cgs that stuff) and sound (having voices to put to faces and lines Helps keeps me interested frankly)   I love the fact it’s such a good medium to use for creating stories. I’m aware of all the other types of mediums you can use to tell a story, obviously, but I feel with Visual novels there’s something different something special. Well especially in the west at least where It’s pretty uncommon to see anything like a visual novel in every day life.

Anyway if you would take some time to either tick some boxes in the poll below or comment which your thoughts or both.





One thought on “People’s thoughts on Visual novels, eroge, dating sims and the like

  1. Although I am more of a yuri VN “preader” (same for manga), I also read non-yuri VNs from time to time, All VNs seem to capture people’s imagination just as well as books can. Basically they’re books with pretty pictures, music and voice-acting…and that is glorious…especially for a Yuri Nation Member such as I.

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