`Tales of` series nendoroid petites

Yes more nendoroid petites! Why you ask?! Because they are adorable and small!!! So this newest set of nendo petites is again from Good Smile Company and it will again contain eight nendo petites in one pack. Six shall be the ones shown below, one double and a surprise! Many people seem to want the surprise one to be Luke (From Abyss) which would be awesome because I love Luke xD


There you go! You have the main male and female leads from Vesperia, Xillia and Graces! And my oh my aren’t they looking adorable! Unlike the Utapri order I was talking about before these guys are standard meaning they are cheaper and easier to get a hold of. They’re up on Amiami right now (here: http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIG-COL-4533&page=top ) for 3.210 yen (which is about £26). They are also shown as being released in late December so they’ll probably be tangled up in the postal service considering it’ll be around the xmas/new years time of year (BOOOO!!!).

Alas, they’ll be worth the trouble!

Thank you for reading >.<


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