Visual novels: Backgrounds that make me stare (Part 2)

Hey Uuchujin back with some more stare-worthy VN backgrounds. good backgrounds are pretty damn important, you don’t really want to be stuck looking at some boring, plain background for ages while reading walls of text.
Anyway on with the images!
(I can’t help but look into houses, especially at night)

(From the Protagonist of Chaos;Head’s room a shelf full of figs, I’m sure you know at least half these characters)

I’ve only recently gotten around to bothering to play Chaos;head, I’ve already played Steins;Gate, which was awesome If  I may add and looking forward to playing Robotic;Notes (if it gets a Pc release or released over here sometime). Anyway so far enjoying Chaos;head, it’s alot better than I remember the anime for it being at least.

Gurenka which was released fairly recently, while it had pretty standard looking backgrounds, Oh my when it changes into the other dimension meta world thing does it look cool. what really gets me here is how well the flame effect has been done and the colours. It just looks good.

(Meat, meat everywhere)

Firstly if you havent played Saya no uta GO DO SO , It’s an amazing experience. Well as you can see it is meat everywhere, I’ll spare the details why it’s so messed up, but I just love way a normal hallway can be turned into such a twisted monstrous scene and the endless meat jokes I made after playing it. The way the fleshy meaty organ stuff looks like it’s glistening is just splendid.


2 thoughts on “Visual novels: Backgrounds that make me stare (Part 2)

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