Chaos;Head Visual novel Review

Developer: Nitroplus and 5pb


The Protagonist Nishijou Takumi, which is the kind of guy you probably don’t really want to be. Hes a day dreaming hikikomori who lives in a shipping container ontop of a office building . He has a fairly low outlook on life and other people, thinking everything and everyone in his real life is a piece of trash or is out to get him one way or another, His only comfort in life being an online game called ESO and his waifu the anime character Orgel Sera a mix between any generic magical girl and Dokuro-chan . He’s living his everyday life going to school as little as possible, playing ESO and watching anime while making sure to fap of course. UNTIL one day while playing his online game and chatting to his online friend “GRIM” a stranger enters their chat room and posts multiple links to gruesome images of a man staked to a back ally wall.

Soon after  he encounters a strange girl wearing his schools uniform, covered in blood in-front of a corpse of a man staked to the alley.  Later Takumi realizes  that he’s witnessed one of the murders of the famous NewGene case. NewGene case is a recent string of bizarre serial murders within shibuya.

As his mind falls more and more into the depths of insanity , new girls keep appearing in his life all somehow mysteriously linked to  NewGene and a ominous and dark project called Noah II, a secret conspiracy that could threaten the safety of the world.


(the Heroines from left to right; Ayase, Sena, Namami, Rimi, Kozue and Yua)

Kishimoto Ayase, the lead singer of a popular inde band called phantasm she goes by a alias FES while on stage. the lyrics of the songs she sings seem to coincide with the NewGene case, which is the reason for her bands new found popularity.

Aoi Sena a Tsundere, she’s often found wondering the streets of shibuya apparently looking for someone, though she’s dangerous looking and scares the living shit out the main character Takumi you often see her eating a ice pop (Which is rather cute)

Nishijou Nanami, the protags, lil’ sis, he obviously finds her irritating but she’s just about the only frmale contact he gets.

Sakihata Rimi, the main heroine of the game and the girl he encountered at the scene of the “staking” incident, she’s bright and cheerful and says she’s Takumi’s friend even though he has no recollection of knowing her before.

Orihara Kozue, she transfers into Takumi’s school fairly late in the game, though she never speaks a word she has telepathic abilities and when communicating  via telepathy her personality is bright and happy, she refers to herself as kozupii.

Kusunoki Yua is a third-year student at Suimei Academy who seems to be stalking Takumi, but later befriends him. She seems to be quite into anime and manga. However, this is all later shown to be an act where she is investigating him as she suspects Takumi of being the criminal behind the recent murders.

(GC example, the delusion you can have while at phantasms concert )

The artwork for Chaos;heads really well done as expected of a title that’s had Nitroplus and 5pb work on it, the only real problem graphically is they use really cheap looking 3D models for background characters often creating a conflicting style. Though you get used to it early on and seeing a crowd of badly done 3D models walking around is fairly surreal.

Chaos;Head features an interesting choice system, doing away with the conventional go here, talk to blah e.c.t. It does things differently, It has two sections where your have alot of questions thrown at you you answer either yes or no. this happens at two stages ontop of the “O building” and right near the end while fighting Norose the big bad.
While playing the game occasionally you’ll see two lights flashing at the top of the screen and making a boop sound, when this happens you can either click the left trigger or right trigger, giving Takumi either a good delusion (normally something erotic or just nice) or a bad delusion (normally involving someone trying to harm him or dying in a horrific way)
Chaos;Head has three endings A(bad end), AA (good end/true end)and B (worst ending). for ending A and AA delusion triggers don’t matter at all so pick away to your hearts content, for ending B after you’ve finished the game once you need to pay attention to them to activate ending B there are 11 specific delusion triggers you need to get right the rest don’t matter . If you do this correct you’ll be on route for the worst ending (where it explains and rein-acts the NewGene serial killings, thats about the only reason I bothered ’cause I wanted to see the guro)

 This game is also fully-voiced to the point where you can hear crowds cheering or screaming. The music is nice . Like most Nitro+ games, the OP and ED are sung by Itou Kanako. The insert song is sung by Yui Sakakibara who provides the voice of Ayase.

~After Thoughts~

While Chaos;Head has alot to offer, lot’s of interesting sci-fi stuff which makes you go and think “ohh thats kinda cool” it’s got some pretty extreme murders. It brings up questions such as is what we perceive with out sense really real and if someone could invade our senses what would happen. Each character has a Di-sword each with it’s own respective design, they all look pretty cool though they appear very little in the story, making them not really worth mentioning.  What flaws Chaos;head are that it’s endings don’t really cover what happens to everyone sure the big bad is defeated but soon after that it ends and the supporting heroines had very little to do with it, making them fairly pointless to the story, overall Chaos;Head was a fun experience and worth the time to go through but it focuses too much on Takumi, though it’s fun to see him get fucked over and see him squirm it gets tiresome after awhile and you just want to see him do something with his worthless ass.

I realize Choas;Heads been out for around 4 years so it’s abit late to bother doing a review on it but I only just bothered to get around to it so meh. It’s a good pick to play if you want to play a english translated Visual novel thats not exactly standard stuff.

(See you again)


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