Kippy’s Wonfes 2012 summer

I never really know what to expect when any figure events open up. Wonfes is no different. Any figure event always seems to be an avalanche of cute moe stuff, you get Good Smile Company throwing the general Miku, Black Rock Shooter and Fate tat at you. The mountains of nendoroids and of course loads of cute girls figures and other crap. Don’t get me wrong if you found something you like good for you but with my particular and hipster taste not a lot ever seems to please me and at 3am staring at the girls who always get good figures I end up getting miffed and cursing and eventually went to bed.

But as you all know by now when I walk into anything anime/manga/figure related I always look for one thing and that’s sexy men (^^). And there was sexy to be had so in no order I plan to just talk about any figures I found interesting or ones I’m thinking about buying.

Firstly there’s Alter Waver figure! I didn’t think you’d see a prototype so soon but…ta da!

Not sure what everyone else thinks but I was really expecting more. Waver’s cute here yes but this figure is gonna be tiny. Also I wanted to see the command seal on his hand. I don’t know if they’re actually going to put one on him but Waver’s command seal is on his right hand and his left hand is covering the top the right hand. Personally I’m waiting to see what he looks like painted, I really don’t know if I’m happy about this one.  Also if anyone is interested Megahouse was showing off their prototype of Rider: . TALK ABOUT MANLY!!!

The next figure on the list is also from Alter and is an addition to the every growing `Tales of` series of figures they’ve been making. The prototype of one of my favorite characters from Tales of Vesperia has finally been shown!

It’s Raven! *fan girls and dies*

I was so happy when I heard Alter was making this and the prototype looks amazing! Really detailed, I just love it! I can’t wait to see what he looks like painted!! I have no problems with this figure whatsoever!!!

The next figure I didn’t actually know about till wonfes which shocked even me because it’s so imaginative and beautiful and it’s based off a Nitro plus game! And of course we like Nitro plus now that I’ve played Togainu no chi. There aren’t any good pictures of it painted that also show a lot of detail, this is one of the best pictures I could find.

It’s a character called Aoba from the visual novel DRAMAtical murder (sounds amazing). The game had only come out recently so there’s no translation but after seeing this figure I really want to play it!

It’s a 1/7 scaled figure by Max factory and it’s amazing!!! He isn’t due out till 2013 but looking at him you know he’ll be expensive. There’s isn’t a price out yet or even if he’ll be a limited or standard run of him, however I have heard rumours that he’ll cost around £98. I really hope he isn’t that expensive but if he is indeed a limited run item I can see the price for him being that high!

These figures took a while to turn up but we finally got prototypes for Alter’s Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ – Maji Love 1000% figures Ittoki Otoya and Ichinose Tokiya.

Yeah this is really the best picture I could find of the prototypes. There seems to be no camera signs in front of them so we’re thankful to get this at all I suppose. But hey, we know they exist and have an idea of what they look like. I’m sure better imagines will start to appear soon.

Alter’s Jude Mathis also got painted!

This is where things kinda go down hill for Alter. If anyone keeps track of them they are also doing a Milla Maxwell figure. I honestly thought it looked pretty good enough though the hair has no brown and was planning on ordering it however she was shown at wonfes this weekend and well I have been put right off. Mainly because they’ve changed her hair.

What the prototype looked like:

What she looks like now:

Her hair just looks disgusting now. It looks greasy and tacky! Ah I really don’t like it (not to mention the fact she has a pretty boring base compared to other figure from the `Tales of` series. The reason why I bring this up is because Jude here looks pretty glossy. It may just be the lighting since it’s the same in other pictures. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when official pictures are released I hope they don’t mess up the final product like they have with Milla. It’s another one of those wait and see things!

Steins;Gate’s Okabe Rintarou is also getting a scaled figure from the new figure company PLUM. They haven’t been around for that long but their figures look good and it’s always nice to have another company take interest in making male figures.

Megahouse also showed off the coloured version of Hisoka from their G.E.M line. Doesn’t he look perfectly wonderful! It’s nice he turned out good while their Killua one was rather ugly.

I could probably go into all the other figures like how I think G.E.M’s Rin and Yukiko (Ao no exorcist) figures look cheap but I won’t go on any longer.

All these pictures were taken from MFC. I don’t own any of them (as always) and if you wish to know about any more figures that came out at wonfes please go there:

Thank you for reading!

Hope your wallets weren’t too hurt by this wonfes ^^


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