Tokeijikake no Ley Line~ Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen~ Visual novel: First Impressions

Name of Developer: Unison Shift: Blossom
Publishers: Unison Shift
Release date: 27/07/2012
Genre: Comedy/Mystery 


Michiru is a new student at the private boarding school Academy Tenbinruri, which is located deep in the mountains and has a towering clock tower. On his first day, he was caught up in some trouble with another new student Kotarou and ended up breaking the expensive-looking statue at the school’s entrance. As compensation, the headmistress Fuhito assigned them to work for the school’s special investigation unit.

Having not received any other information except for a unhelpful map, they had a hard time finding the office room. As night approaches, the student council members ushered all the students to the dorms. While still looking for the Office room Michiru and kotarou come across what seems to be a strange phenomenon, then appears Ushio a member of the unit they had been assigned to, she tells them that magic exists within the school and when the Clock towers bells chime the ‘Night world’ will appear.

I had been waiting to play this game Since I peeked at the website, from what I saw of the artwork, CV’s, story and characters It looked to be a nice tasty treat to play through. Now the art work for Tokei is really nice looking

(The two student council members that you come across, fabulous looking I must say, especially pony tail, suspenders, orange bits in his hair guy)

As it features magic I’m sure your wondering if it does the whole magic symbols and that shiny shimmer we all see with magic in it and well it does and just look at how well it is done, superb looking if I must say.

Now I’ve only played just past the OP movie at this point in time that I’m writing this first impressions, but from what I’ve played, it’s been rather engaging Though it hasn’t done anything ground breaking it’s really put a new coat of polish on a already established genre, with some good Voice acting (I really like the Main routes voice, nice and cold sounding :3 ), pretty decent background music and it makes use of using special effects. (well used special effects) especially the transformation to ‘the night world’ coincidently students that attend school during ‘the night world’ (yes this does happen) wear white uniforms (think of the night and day class in Vampire Knight, I’m sorry to make that comparison but it was the first thing that came to my head when I saw it)

OH and did I mention the OP movie was pretty damn cool, nice music, well animated and just cool looking just take alook for yourself

I assume that the mystery part of this game will be magic related (for obvious reasons) something like why there’s a night world or something along those lines is what I think it will be, and Well I like magic I like mystery It should be fun. That and I don’t get the feeling that the story will bomb and end up a mess with this title.

Anyway that’s just a quick first impressions from me, sorry I didn’t have a huge deal to say but, trust me this game seems good so far so try it if your interested.


5 thoughts on “Tokeijikake no Ley Line~ Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen~ Visual novel: First Impressions

  1. Ergh, played through one no route run and once through Ushio’s path. It feels like such wasted potential… especially since TAM was doing some of the music (touhou violinist) I didn’t really notice the music change ups too much but the instrumental version of the OP theme was nice. I would say that the art , music and production value were pretty high but the story seemed… like wasted potential to the point of pissing me off enough to call it a nukige.

    • This was a first impression and I frankly agree with you after awhile it really just became such a bore, While I did like the art and the music was pretty good I agree that it really turned out to be wasted potential.

  2. I thought the introduction was decent, but I’ve only gotten that far really. I intend to go through it more later, Though I can’t say I expect great things. If anything I hope it’ll be worth playing through ’cause it was one of the VNs that I thought looked interesting.

  3. Reblogged this on Visual Novel Aer and commented:
    Hey this is the same game I am playing now. I’m chapter 3 I think, it’s not great… but I’ll probably play it through anyway because that main girl is cool and she’s voiced by Sana’s seiyuu from Mashiro-iro Symphony. The introduction was really weak and the way they keep changing the music really destroys the mood and the other VAs are not that great. Also I found out that the two artists on this are both Unison Shift Blossom’s in-house artists (students of Noizi Ito?). So in summary… not great so far…

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