Magi – The labyrinth of magic

Eugh! That’s a huge EUGH mind you because if there’s anything I really dislike it’s reading manga online, it takes me ages to even read a chapter, all that scrolling and clicking! Probably the main reason why I buy all my manga.

See what’s happened now?! I’ve started my review on a low note so I shall instantly redeem it by saying that Magi the labyrinth of magic is one of my favorite shounen manga out there at the moment. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while but due to obvious rantings that you read a few seconds ago I put it off. That was until I heard A-1 pictures were planning to make an anime adaptation and I felt now would a better time than any other to have a go at it. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised and now I am deeply in love with the series and we’re going to elope!!!!! ‘#@*(*&%(*&_((^)&*%%^$%^*(())*)*(!!!!

*clears throat*

Okay wait I’m back, no wait what happened?!

Anyway Magi yes…

Gonna actually start talking about Magi now…

Above is the main cast of Magi

Magi the labyrinth of magic was first published in Shounen sunday in 2009 and currently has 13 volumes released, most of the chapters  have been translated into English. The story is based in this desert land where lives the protagonist Aladdin, who is like a 10 year old boy. He has a magical flute which has a huge blue headless giant in side it named Ugo. It is later revealed that he is a Magi (not really a spoiler, honest) which basically means he how unlimited magoi and fabulous hair (all the Magis have fabulous hair!!! It’s a trait or something).

Aladdin is adorable!!!

I don’t really want to discuss the plot since I’m sure not a lot of people have read it, I don’t really want to give away spoilers since a lot of epic stuff happens, but I’m sure I’ll write about the anime that’s airing in the fall when it’s wrapped up. Also if A- 1 Pictures does a proper adaptation of the manga then the anime should end at a proper point (unlike Ao no exorcist which had a horrible ending mainly due to the lack of source material) and reading the manga I just want to say that I hope it ends around volume 8 (If  it’s a 2 cour show I’m sure it will) anyone who has read the manga would probably agree with me here.


 One of the main reasons why I love Magi so much is because none of the characters piss me off. It’s insanely easy for a female character to piss me off but shockingly none of them do, there are the three main characters Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana you know the normal two guys one girl thing but my god Morigana is amazing, she kicks total ass and isn’t the type to get rescued or piss me off in any other way! Oh the happiness to finally have decent female characters!!

Apart from everyone being exceedingly awesome and kick ass they also have deeper issues which flesh out and make them appear more human, it’s sorta hard to explain….I think it’s because the setting and the story are written in such a way that it allows the characters to be different. They are many stereotypical shells of characters that can be seen in many manga nowadays, who are mass produced for convenience, to fill in a part.  Here everything works together and it works fantastically, the places the characters go fuels the story the places fuel the characters and they all bounce off one another.

Aladdin and Alibaba being AWESOME!!

Alibaba is one of my most favorite characters because…ah…erm…that would be a spoiler I suppose if I went into that. But he’s such a sweetie and his back story is really sad yet interesting to read (I can’t say much more…).

Another thing which is nice is the amount of adults that appear and they also have a wonderful part to play in the story. So whenever Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana come across someone too bad ass Sinbad and his harem…I mean the Alliance of the seven seas struct over and deal with the problem. Which is more realistic, it’s always frustrating to have a bunch of teenagers be stronger than adults (it just doesn’t make any sense!!!).

Technical manga ramblings

Being a shounen manga don’t expect the artwork to be anything amazing, the way the characters are dressed makes them stand out more than anything, the art work is really simple and sometimes seems sloppy. The panel layout is fine, it’s not confusing to read and the author has a good sense of how to use the panels as well as getting the right flow, a lot happens in just 13 volumes it never seems rushed though. This is what good pacing is people! The author can also draw comedy as well as dramatic dark moments it’s a great balance which is pulled off really well. The backgrounds are great they are detailed and really give the reader a feel for the kind of place the story is set.


I do remember saying this author was good with comedy~  These are one of the reasons why, their expressions are so amusing ❤

Final thoughts

I love this manga….I have no other thoughts about it really. I’ve told all my friends to watch the anime that’s coming up, I would recommend anyone to spare some time to watch it. Reading this has been the highlight of this past two months (yes it took me two months to read like 115 chapters) and I hope everything will only get better from here.

I hope this becomes popular because I really want to throw some money at merchandise and what not, the manga isn’t available in English to buy (If it doesn’t appear any time soon I’ll just import it from Japan :3).

Two trailers have been shown so far as an attempt to promote the project. I say leave one here for anyone interested: Magi trailer

Thank you for reading~

*leaves picture here and runs away*


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