This Boy Can Fight Aliens

So back when I can’t remember when I was on Aarinfantasy’s page and saw a new video named `kono danshi, Uchū-jin to Tatakaemasu` (or this boy can fight aliens), I wasn’t entirely sure what it was back then but, hey, I didn’t have anything to do so I sat down and watched it. I do remember really enjoying this half an hour OVA and was really surprised when Sentai announced that they had obtained the license for it, But we all know Sentai, they grab things and take ages to bring things out so even though this is relatively short I was expecting to wait a while to get it.

You can imagine how I was even more shocked at Sentai when they actually had a date for the OVAs release and everything. Both a DVD and BD release with a dub?! (I won’t be watching the dub though) this is incredibly satisfying!  Anyways I finally got the BD through the post and thought it would be a pleasant anime to write about. Shall we finally begin?!

The official cover of the Blu-ray  

Plot part 

Main things you need to know, three boys, one can fight aliens, it’s shounen-ai and an indie project (so don’t expect any amazing animation here).

The anime is more highly stylised than anything, there isn’t really anything in the way of animation it makes me wonder why I bought this on BD but I won’t regret it since I personally think it looks pretty in it’s own way. So everything in this is pretty simple aliens attack the earth, Shiro works for the government has to find some way to stop the aliens attacking, Arikawa finds Kakashi who is the only person who can defeat the aliens and they live in a house together. Yeap…doesn’t really explain why the aliens are attacking or anything, but does say that one alien will appear before Kakashi once a day. The three of them appear to live in a tiny house in the middle of no where. We’re told that Kakashi has forgotten all about his past and even after four months of living with Shiro and Arikawa still cannot recall anything from his past. The only thing Kakashi has is a phone that doesn’t work.

Left to right, Arikawa, Shiro and Kakashi

It’s about this time that Kakashi questions what the importance is of him fighting aliens, he even asked Shiro who himself isn’t sure if the world would actually end if he were defeated by the aliens. This sends Kakashi into despair, he has no memories, he doesn’t know his parents or if he has any friends and his days consist of the same routine not even knowing if it actually has an effect on anything. Most of all he’s scared of fixing the phone he owns just in case he finds he has no messages from any of his friends. He also has dreams about his insecurities that plague him at night. All this considered I can completely understand why he stops eating and sleeping as the stress begins to take effect.  My main issue with this is that the whole situation is very interesting but because the OVA is only half an hour there is so much that can be covered. Don’t get me wrong it does well to show all this with the time it has but such things would have been better to be explore. Mainly because I’m all for metaphoric, angst and huge derpy man tears!

Even though Kakashi is scared to hand the phone over to Shiro he does so anyway. Shortly afterwards Kakashi finds out by overhearing Shiro on the phone that Kakashi’s parents are in fact dead, while raging about this he then discovers that there are no messages on his phone. Feeling alone, unneeded and maybe even betrayed by Shiro keeping secrets from him (I say maybe since it isn’t shown too well) he flees from the house. He then sees that the aliens are invading!

This is the main problem I have with this anime, why are the aliens attacking, where did they come from, how come Kakashi is the only one who can defeat them? Well none of this is really answered, the story just wants to focus on the struggles of Kakashi which I personally am okay with. I suppose all this is climatic, however Arikawa appears and shows Kakashi his phone showing him that he actually has many messages (didn’t pay his phone bill apparently). We are shown Kakashi has many friends they are cheering for him and what not, with this new found courage he easily destroys the alien invasion and they all live happily ever after.

After the credits Kakashi finds an alien with a message `I love earth` attached  to it…wonderful…so why did you guys even attack earth?!

Final thoughts

I am impressed that this anime was able to tell what it did in such a short time as well as attempted to give Kakashi depth. This is more than we get in a lot of anime/manga I’ve been reading and for that I’m thankful. There were some amusing parts thrown in as well to balance the OVA and it all works well (don’t want it being all angst now do we?!) which is pleasant.

As I’ve said before there isn’t much animation but more stylisation than anything, which makes sense since watching the other shorts on the BD it’s easy to tell that this author likes to put messages in things and dances a subject being all deep and what not. As for things being explained it was never actually clarified if he ever got his memories back (whoops?).

I can also not see many people enjoying this OVA, I watched it with Uuchujin and a friend and neither of them were impressed by it, I asked them what they thought and they didn’t really have much in the way of input (thanks guys…).

A flaw with this would be the subs (I didn’t watch the dub) Sentai has placed them in the most annoying places, I know the anime itself is laid out rather messy but having subtitles everywhere is distracting. And just a note to say that yes this BD is region locked as much of Sentai’s stuff is. 

So this is nothing overly amazing, I do enjoy it mainly to see Kakashi be broken down by all his problems and it’s interesting but everything else is simplistic and not well explained. It’s fairly cheap so if you think this may be for you then I recommend you buy it.

Thank you for reading~


2 thoughts on “This Boy Can Fight Aliens

  1. Yeah I heard about This Boy Can Fight Aliens, and I have been interested in checking the series out actually. There was also an interesting interview a few months back with the creator,Soubi Yamamoto.

    “(I won’t be watching the dub though)”

    B-but why 😦

    • If you have an interest in it I recommend you to try it out! 😀
      There is an interview with the creator on the BD (don’t know if it’s the same one) it’s rather short though, but it’s always nice to see what creators have to say about things.

      I have nothing against dubs I just like hearing Japanese more. I did watch the shorts in dub though, it was well done :3

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