Saint Seiya playing cards

I Recently found some pretty damn cool Saint Seiya cards while I was wondering around being bored and we’ll firstly a link to the original site where I found these gems is in order

I didn’t see a download for the collection they had so I took it upon myself to compile them all together and upload to my media fire account so anyone who likes saint Seiya or just likes the pretty pictures can use them for whatever the hell they want (because oh my are these are images pretty)

I’ve sorted them into sets and well there’s 6 sets, though only 5 have all the needed cards (one set the God featuring the god warriors of odin only has 0-7 a queen and king, Though don’t ask me why they have a number 0). Theres also extra Aces, Jokers, kings and queens e.c.t.  anyway they are pretty.

(link below)

Without further ado here’s some Sample images (please note this showing is only a couple of them):

Sample God cloth Seiya and Ikki

Sample Aesir Dudhe and Hirda

Sample Gold Saints Aiolia and Shaka

Sample Spectres Aiacos and Rhadmanthys

Sample Dark Gold Saints Shion and Saga

Sample Gods! Athena and Zeus

Anyway that’s a small sample of what images look like. I personally think they are really awesome looking especially the added gods as I always wondered what Zeus and the other Greek gods would look like and well They look damn sweet.

Oh were’re not done yet here’s a look at some of the Aces and Jokers

So if you’ve gotten all the way down here I thank you. I hope you enjoyed the shiny images, if anyone does print these out and make proper playing cards out of them please show me I bet they would look sweet.


3 thoughts on “Saint Seiya playing cards

    • It would be extreme, all the cosmo related jokes and stupidly awesome attack name jokes I could use while playing. It would be great.

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