Liar-soft Steam-punk Full-voice Fandisk and Ourai no N’gah-Kthun -What a shining braves- teaser

Lair-soft’s Steam-punk Full-voice Fandisk was recently released on the 24/08/2012 and well my copy finally arrived in the post earlier this morn. So a perfect chance for me to upload the Teaser that was included for the 6th instalment of the series along with some other stuff from the short scenarios held within first Heres the Teaser vid

It’s not a huge amount just talk talk some sketches of the characters e.c.t. though it was enough to make me even more excite for the game. Just in case you’re totally in the dark I’ll tell you one thing the MC is a transfer student who claims to be 72 years old and brought a slave girl for 30 silver pieces, Not to mention a steam-punk lightning fist. For a small bit of background it looks like its going to be set in 1908, France the port city of Marseilles.

(Link to Liar-soft’s official webpage)

Anyway I’ll just write a small bit on the short stories, It’s all still good stuff some lingering questions are answered and there’s alot of cutely moments, I’d like to take this chance to mention it’s 15+ so no H-scenes. Wait Wait I know a FanDisk Without H-scenes what a travesty!?! But if you’ve played at least some of the games in the series you’d know you’re not there for the H-scenes as crazy and awesome as they are if not oddly thrown at you sometimes. I digress All you need to know is that there is a exceedingly funny short for   Shiei no Sona-Nyl -What a beautiful memories- Featuring a 10th  anniversary and hell did it make me giggle.

Yes the train talks and is apparently called Thomas (I wonder what inspired that?) That whole short story is very silly but good fun.

I don’t wish to spoil anything much but for those who have played Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- remember how it mentioned a Dragon but you never really saw it well.

(The elusive mighty Dragon in all it’s glory, though that doesn’t mean Gii wont dispose of it with a quick swish and flick)

Ok ok just one last image just because I personally found it very entertaining.

Anyway that’s all from me I’d say hope you enjoyed it but frankly I doubt anyone will care about anything beyond -What a shining Braves- little teaser video personally.


3 thoughts on “Liar-soft Steam-punk Full-voice Fandisk and Ourai no N’gah-Kthun -What a shining braves- teaser

  1. Does the fandisk contain essential content for the series storywise? If so, it may be wise if I just looked for it.

  2. Epicness! Really excited for new Liar-soft game! Hope you’ll make a review or summary of the Steampunk Full-voice Fandisk for those of us who can’t read Japanese!

    • Same I’m soo hyped for it! even though the teaser was only talking some sketches and then shouting!! The feels I got from it were immense.
      I may do a summary for the Fandisk at some point not sure when as I’m pretty lazy when it comes to writing.

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