Upcoming Visual novels I’m interested in: September Edition

September brings with it it’s fair share of new shiny visual novels. This will just be a small post showing what I’m personally interested in playing when they are released.

Anyway without much further ado, firstly Here’s a link to a full list of September releases so you can view and see what your interested in and also get a in detail description of the games http://omochikaeri.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/september-2012-eroge-releases/


Tsuisou no Augment 



Release date: 14/09/2012
Developer: Jirai soft
Game site:http://jirai-soft.net/product/augment/index.html

This is a debut game for Jirai soft and the premise of and old man having lost the will to live and killing himself via stabbing himself in the throat, this man’s finial wish was to return to his youth once more.  That wish is granted by a shinigami.  It’s different sounding from the usual and I’ve never played a game with a Protag like that so maybe actually interesting. The points about it that I don’t really like is that the art work is fairly plain and It looks like I shouldn’t expect too much from the game storywise, probably the usual storyline frankly. Which is a shame Because a going back and redeeming some of his past wrongs and stuff would be sorta cool.



Release date: 28/09/2012
Game site:http://boostfive.com/SINCLIENT/

Another debut game, featuring a Protag who has lost his memories has a room chocked full of weapons fake passports and the like. Men in black suits chasing him and he instinctively knows how to fight.
The main reason I’m interested in this is that it’s written by Tanizaki Ouka who also worked on Steins;Gate and I liked Steins;Gate that combined with a fighting protag could prove interesting but He better be a manly badass protag otherwise any interest I have will wane. That and fight scenes please good fight scenes. I hate it when has fight scenes and they are badly done.


Tsukumo no Kanede ~Kaketsuiki no Nocturne~


Release date: 28/09/2012
Developer: Skyfish
Game site:http://www.sky-fish.jp/tsukumo/tsukumo_index.html

Aside from the Luger (really do love those guns they are just cool) a game where it’s fairly easy to get bad ends with some use of animation ( I like abit of animation in my VNs) From what I’ve viewed of this it’s got an decent atmosphere, not to mention some monsters and a underlying dark secret could prove pretty interesting so taking all this into account I think this has potential and seeing as not much is really coming out this month it may be worth while giving it a spin.



ROOT DOUBLE – before crime* After Days-

Release date: 28/09/2012
Developer: YETI
Game site:http://www.yetigame.jp/w/index.html

A PC port of the 360 game. Form what I’ve heard people liked it and seeing as they are bringing over to PC like a month or so after it’s release on the 360 This title could prove interesting. Though I have avoid any spoilers, I’m totally down for a sort of survival story set in a underground lab bring on the despair and what not. This is the type of game I normally set out to get bad ends before good ones. So yeah ROOT DOUBLE is definitely my top pick from the games this September.


Over all another slow month in the world of Eroge and what not good thing my college course starts back up and it gives me more time to work on my backlog of things I have yet to finish or even start.














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