Kippy’s autumn anime list

Ahahaha, I haven’t posted for a while…

So did you all enjoy the summer season? Wait you don’t need to answer that, it’s a trick question because no one enjoyed the summer anime season. I mean there was nothing great. It was pretty much a disappointing season with nothing special coming out of it at all. Alas this autumn should be a lot better

!!!Click to enlarge!!!

Was gonna scribble on it but that’s a lot of effort now isn’t it?!

My list this time is pretty big compared to the last list *sighs* I wish animation companies would make the anime I wanted to watch most during the summer. Personally I have a lot of free time over the summer but I shall deal with it (I suppose).

My list of anime series:~

Okay so I’ll be watching the third season of Bakuman (labeled Bakuman. (2012) oh the names are so original). I don’t honestly know why I’m still watching this series, I don’t really like anything about it, gotten to the point where I watch it to laugh at the characters and make fun of it.

Kyoto Animation have got another moe looking high cost production series to show us in the form of Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai. At first I really didn’t care about it, the promotional picture for this show has been a cute looking high school girl with an eye patch (OH GOD I CAN FEEL THE MOE THROUGH MY SCREEN). I don’t think much of KyoAni but I really loved Hyouka so I’ll be giving this a chance, besides the trailer for it looked interesting~

Code Breaker…no idea why I’m watching this really, read the manga when it first came out, it was okay.

One of the things which isn’t listed in the chart above is that Sunrise are doing another series of Gintama! Well I say it’s another series but really it’s just reruns with some new episodes thrown in every once and a while! But it’s better than having no Gintama at all :3

One of the anime series from A-1 Pictures this autumn is a light novel adaptation called Shin Sekai Yori (or `From the new world`) Thought nothing of it till I saw the trailer to be honest (just looks rather interesting)~

Initial D fifth stage…..It’s initial D….and Initial D is awesome, no really if you haven’t seen this go watch the first stage!!

One of the shows coming out for all you manly men out there is a series adaptation of the fabulous long running Shounen Jump manga Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Heard good things about this series from a friend and I’m really hyped up to seeing how awesome this legendary show really is!

Jourmangand was shown in the spring of 2012 and was surprisingly really good and White Fox are continuing it’s success with a second series titled Jourmangand: Perfect order (now that’s how you name a sequel~).

K…it’s the preview again…it looked awesome!!

So a while ago I read a shojo manga named Kamisama Hajimemashita and I rather liked it and stopped reading it so I could buy the manga (which I still haven’t done, but will do one day). But I enjoyed what was read and the director for Fruits Basket is directing this, so yeah I really want to see this ^^

A huge sigh of disappointment was let out when it was heard that Key’s new visual novel adaptation Little Busters was not being done by KyoAni but J.C.Staff. Expectations were so bad the studio had to make a statement saying that they weren’t going to do a bad job to put us all at `ease` (lol). You kinda have to feel sorry for J.C.Staff at this point, Uuchujin has played the visual novel so I can just ask if the adaptation is any good! Time to sink or swim J.C!

Litchi DE Hikari Club looks pretty creepy! That is all the reason I need to want to watch it!

One of the series I’ve been looking forward to most this season is A-1 Pictures Magi. There has been some questioning to if the adaptation will be any good considering they are messing with the first part of the anime to move the plot forward more (which I’m fine with the first part of the story is pretty slow) but they are for some reason planning on adding in an anime original character *frowns*. We’ll have to see if it’s any good…

Noitamina this time around has Robotic;Notes and Psycho Pass. Psycho pass sounds pretty interesting as it has Gen Urobuchi behind it, as well as Production I.G doing the animation. Also there is Akira Amano doing the character designs (author of Hitman Reborn). Right now I don’t have a lot to say about Robotic;Notes but I’ll watch it cause Noitamina.

Suki-tte Ii na yo it’s shojo, I’ve heard it’s okay, I’ll watch it!

Okay, okay. okay. so I’m planning on doing a weekly thing where and watch and rant about a series and I thought this series was PERFECT to start doing it with! To love-Ru Darkness! This series is such garbage! Such porn for children it makes me laugh! I’ve read the manga and am looking forward to how trashy it is in anime form!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun….yeah because it’s shojo…and Brains Base ❤ Also there’s a chicken in the promotional picture~

Lastly!!! Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilisation (or Civilization) Blaster. Mainly because it’s being done by BONES!!! and the trailer looked interesting!!!

Anime films:~

Tiger and Bunny: The beginning. The series was okay…honestly I have yet to finish it, but a film is easy to digest~

009 Re:Cyborg because of the director and it’s an `old` thing. I like watching old things that look new~

Yeah yeah those Madoka films, even though I would be better off just watching the series again.

I saw a trailer for Nerawareta Gakuen and it look interesting!! I’m actually really excited to see what it’s all about! (ALSO DAISUKE ONO!!!)

That’s it I think…WELL there are OVAs but I can ignore them~

Geez, writing about them all was tiring, watching all this is going to be hectic >.>

Hope there’s at least something out there for everyone, I’ve heard some people say there isn’t a lot of good stuff out but I seemed to have gone overboard with how much I like the look of!

Thank you for reading!!!


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