Megahobby expo has date!!!

Autumn Megahobby expo will be on the 25th of November from 10am to 5pm!!!

Twis a one day event where figure companies show off their newest figures!! Like Wonfes but not as large~

I remember the one in the Spring! Can’t wait for this one! If there are any figures you want to see a prototype or a coloured version they will probably show up at this event! And as always if a coloured prototype is shown it isn’t long before it appears for pre-order \o/

This is such wonderful news! I was pouting about the next Wonfes not being till February 10th. But now there is Megahobby expo to look forward to! I kinda forgot about this event (lol).

Hoping to see a prototype of Megahouse’s Gilgamesh (hope he has a cool pose!!!)

Other than that I’m looking forward to seeing coloured versions of a lot of Alter figs, like the uta pri scaled figures and Raven! Looking forward to seeing if there will be more male figures~

More info here:


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