Magi – Episode one

*SPOLIERS* You have been warned~


Not sure how I feel about Magi overall. A-1 pictures did announce that they were going to change some things about it but bless their little cotton socks they’ve managed to fit 4 chapters (not including the first chapter of which they skipped entirely) into one episode.

Firstly the opening for Magi is good. I personally like the song a lot, but the opening itself isn’t that unique however it does give you a good grasp of the characters that will be appearing in the anime. Not a huge fan of the character designs for the anime but if there’s one thing that’s positive about them, it’s that each character is interesting to look at and stand out from each other.

The main issue I have is the construction of the episode. I’m going to completely ignore the first chapter and compare the anime with the material it used. In the manga Aladdin met Alibaba while he was driving his coach in chapter two, this is where their carriage is attacked and Aladdin uses his magic carpet to help Alibaba save the child that fell into the desert plant. The direction of the story then continues with Alibaba thinking he can use Aladdin to get gold by using his powers and do some dungeon crawling. He convinces Aladdin into doing this by taking him to that lovely place with all the women. Aladdin obviously agrees and the next day they set out to tackle the dungeon. This is where Morigana appears, Aladdin sets her free as some people appear who try to attack them in which Aladdin summons Ugo and runs away to the dungeon.


This direction for the story here is fine. It makes sense. You first learn of Alibaba’s intention’s and dreams and the incident with the desert flower attacking makes him stop driving carriages and start his path towards becoming a dungeon capturer! (that’s a word I swear).

I start complaining around here…

As you can see from the description of the story it’s set into two parts. The part with Alibaba saving the girl and the carriages and Aladdin being convinced into go dungeon crawling.

The anime does this the other way round.

Alibaba sees Aladdin stealing watermelons. Alibaba stops him takes him to his place and tells him about dungeons. Then they meet Mor, guards, Ugo, carriages, saving child and Mor, on the way to the dungeon.

Honestly I don’t know why they swooped it around though I suppose it’s just as effective in this way. However it doesn’t make as much sense. In the anime Alibaba for no real explained reason allows Aladdin to stay the night at his place as well as tell him about dungeons. At this point Aladdin has gotten Alibaba in trouble with his employer and then ate all his food so really there is no incentive really for any of this to happen. From how it appears maybe Alibaba is just lonely and wants someone to talk to.

Of course Alibaba does try to brush Aladdin off but I’m no really convinced! (I mean why would you keep someone around why is nothing but trouble?). It’s only really till after Ugo has come out that Alibaba sees worth in Aladdin.

Alibaba the gets threatened into driving carriages for that fat guy because Aladdin ate his watermelons. This is kinda a step back. In the manga there is a slow gain of character development. It doesn’t please me that they had to smash four chapters worth of story together yet in that time a character is still able to build himself up just to get hit back again, especially when it never happened in the manga.

Another HUGE thing that bothers me in introduced at this point. It’s obvious that A-1 Pictures wanted this to be a hit (which is why they missed around with the start) but they wanted Mor to be in there more. Which I don’t know, is it even needed? We’ve seen Mor already and we’re going to be seeing more of her. So what did they do? Stick her in a carriage with other slaves. Not just that but she get captured by the plant with the child and is saved by Alibaba.

This part bothers me a lot. I can see why there would be carriages of slaves, because the little girl had to fall in for this whole chain of events to happen. Mor is kind, wonderful person so she would want to save the child. And I even understand her not being able to escape. But what bothers me is WHY SHE’S THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Mor is like the right hand women for the bad guy of this arc, because she’s from the dark continent and is UBER STRONG. So he kept her by his side for protection. I don’t understand why she would be in a carriage being taken somewhere else when she needs to be with Jamil! It doesn’t even explain why she’s there. I don’t know…maybe it’ll explain it next episode?

Yeah Aladdin and Alibaba save the day so it really it accomplished the same thing.

Yeah I still love Magi, I’m hoping that these mistakes won’t happen again since they are rushing and squashing. Maybe some of the future episode will be more thought out.

That’s it really~

Other notes

  • The ending song is bad
  • The back ground music is pretty cool
  • The animation is of to be expected of A-1 Pictures
  • The story moving forward at a fast pace so we get to the good stuff better

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