Magi – Episode two

I have to remind myself that A-1 Pictures did say they were going to change things. For the time being I’ll try and keep my claws in and wait until Sinbad comes into the anime, as It’s widely agreed that that is where the manga picks up it’s pace so I don’t really blame A -1 for speeding it up. As I’ve seen the names of the episodes to come I’m pretty sure Sinbad will be coming in at episode 5 (or around there). So at least we don’t have to suffer this mediocrity for much longer.

So yeah…this second episode. I guess you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I didn’t really like it. It bothered me that in this episode they changed the look of the dungeon, as well as what happens in it (apart from the part with the bugs) and there’s fire all over the place now…because fire is dramatic…


Honestly this change doesn’t bother me too much (see I’m being forgiving) but what does bother me is that the anime doesn’t have the same atmosphere as the manga and it doesn’t really seem to have the same charm. Okay, that’s being really picky of me but it’s true, after watching the second episode for the first time I flicked through the manga (which I literally had to hand) and compared it and honestly it really felt like it had something missing. Almost the anime has some weird pacing problems, skipping over inner monologue which would have been nice to fill out the characters but hey! They had to cut down on those bits to quicken the story and to be honest there is a lot of time for character development later in the story.

When I wrote about the first episode I complained about Mor being on a carriage to another town, well I say town could have been anywhere it didn’t really shed any light on that subject. However in this episode she’s with her master and he’s beating her and all the background given to her in the manga in given here blah blah blah. But I’m still at a loss to why she was even on the carriage anyway. Also it would have taken a while for Mor to get there as she was all the way out there and Aladdin and Alibaba ran back on Ugo and there was no real reason to have Mor in the carriage was there A – 1? It’s just to show her off more…honestly makes no sense!!! It’s rather needless.

It must be hard having bodyguards that are played with for unnecessary reasons 

I still don’t really buy the whole Alibaba escaped behind a wall and dodged the fire thing to be honest either but I’ll buy it….sure.

And so A – 1 looked upon Magi and thought it needed more FIRE!!!

This episode was on the same page as the last one (not sure if that’s good or not) I really do hope it gets better. A – 1 has really produced some good work and I’m hoping when the story is in full swing they’ll really hit their stride and make an enjoyable series of Magi.

Other comments

  • Some continuity errors, mostly to do with blood.
  • Ending music and everything is boring :/
  • Mor is being damn awesome in this episode (I mean running up a wall!? That’s awesome).
  • The ending room in the dungeon looks like it has a huge roller coster in it….
  • Almost every part of this dungeon is changed and I mean everything. I don’t see why they especially had to change what the ending room looked like.

Being tame with this sure doesn’t bring out any results, is anyone else put off by their teeth?


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