Magi – Episode three

Okay this episode review is pretty late but I was trying to finish DMMd. And honestly can you blame me?

First thing that strikes me as this episode starts is that it looks like they’re standing on a roller coster still and all the things A-1 has changed comes flooding back to me…

And alas we’re at the end on the dungeon :/


I won’t lie though, the fight here is pretty awesome, Morgiana and Alibaba get to show off a bit, oh yeah as well as Aladdin who flaunts his Magi powers a bit. This episode is interesting in the fact that it’s sheds more light on Mor as you see more how Jamil has treated her and the past (and still does) as well as the mental ordeal she goes through when she decides to leave him. Even though Jamil is horrible to her he is still the only thing she has really known as it shows him beating her up at a young age, and I like how it shows this. Her spirit would have been beaten down over the years and she would be very submissive towards him and fearing to leave him not just because of the repercussions of leaving him, but of the unknown which awaits her. Though being with Jamil is horrible, it’s also familiar and `safe`.  I find this rather interesting, showing that even though you’d think it be easy to do it’s just not so straightforward.

You gotta feel for Mor though, she’s a 14 year old girl living as a slave, has constantly been repressed and beaten by her master and at this point Jamil turns a round and tells her to kill Alibaba. It’s pretty heavy stuff.

Also I say `mental ordeal`, as with a lot of the emotion and characterisation shown in this story it’s heavily cut up just so the anime can motor boat through. Anyways this part does stay more true to what happens in the manga and at this point I’m kinda used to the way they’re telling the story, don’t misunderstand I don’t like it but I can deal with this.

As I mentioned before there is a lot of character development in the manga as well as general monologuing of their thoughts and the characters interact with each other in very interesting ways. This is probably the first time it’s seen properly (well that’s what I think) toward the end of the episode when Alibaba. Mor and Aladdin on the flying carpet, which is nice. The characters don’t feel as fun or as close as they do in the anime.

I don’t know, at this point there’s not much more I can add. They haven’t changed the story really so I don’t see much point in picking on it, but I may start to repeat myself if they keep doing the same thing wrong.

Other comments:

  • A-1 took two volumes of manga which would normally take 8 episodes to fully adapt and made 3 episodes out of it. There is no way that this adaptation keeps all the substance from the manga as well as all the same atmosphere.
  • JUDAL!!!
  • This it the ending of the first arc. The next one may be being cut down but i’m not sure what they plan to do with it
  • Good bye Jamil you evil bastard you~
  • The music used during this episode is pretty good.
  • The animation is still solid.

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