DRAMAtical murder review

Gonna make this as spoiler free as I can ^^

So earlier this year the visual novel company Nitroplus under their label Nitro+Chiral (you may know them as the creators of Togainu no Chi) released the newest installment in their boy’s love games named DRAMAtical murder.


This story is based in the distant future and happens on an island called Midorijima. Things were once all peaceful and well on this island until the Toue group bought one third of the island so that they can turn it into a amusement facility called `Platinum Jail`. Because of construction the residents that inhabit the island were forced to move into the `Former Residents District` which is kinda like a slum.

This is where we meet our protagonist Aoba Serasaki working part time at a Junk shop called Heibon and the story begins…


Like most visual novels this game is made up of choices and routes in which the player can pursue. This game is made up of four routes as well as the true route and the game contains around five good endings and seven bad endings.

Aoba: The protagonist our story! I actually really loved Aoba, normally the person you play in visual novels are there for you to project onto the person since they have no personality whatsoever and it’s what you’re `supposed` to do but Aoba has quite the personality about him. I ended up really caring for him and wanting to know his opinion on the events that occur, when bad things happened to him I got very worked up, when happy things happened I was delighted and when the saddest situations came along I was truly sadden to the core. I know that normally Nitro+Chiral seem to make characters with more of a personality but I liked tagging a long with Aoba more than I did Akira (TnC), he’s so friendly and adorable!

Ren: This is Aoba’s All mate which is a puppy android! And he’s adorable! He’s quite and old model and because of this Aoba is always making sure he’s running properly and is quite knowledgeable on how to fix him if something wrong does occur. Ren has been with Aoba for quite a long time and Aoba sees him more than just an All mate, it’s really sweet seeing Aoba and Ren talk and interact with each other, During the common routes and the four main ones Ren is like a form of support for Aoba and worries about him.

Four main routes:

Koujaku: This is Aoba childhood friend! He’s a playboy, hairdresser in an awesome sexy outfit!! He comes over to Aoba’s and has dinner with him and his grandmother from time to time, he’s a pretty sweet guy and a good friend to Aoba and like Ren worries and cares about him as well. He comes off as a nice, caring and sorta typical character.

Noiz: We are introduced to Noiz when Aoba goes to his room and finds it totally wrecked and some weird kid in his room on his computer. Ah Noiz you’re so straight forward! He’s got a pretty funky look about him and his face is full of piercings (in fact his body is >/////<). He’s  not the most talkative of people, kinda serious but he’s wonderful!! >.<

Mink: For anyone who know has been around DMMd fans they may know that Mink is probably the most hated route in the game and then you play it you’ll probably see why. He’s the head of a gang of former criminals and he’s a rather suspicious and violent bloke. He doesn’t really talk much and his methods of getting things done are rather extreme and he doesn’t really give away his intentions a lot which makes it difficult to trust him.

Clear: Some random dude shows up infront of Heibon wearing a gas mask. It’s Clear! He shows up calling Aoba `Master` which Aoba is kinda shocked about (lol),  He’s talkative and fun, as well as mysterious since you don’t know what he looks like behind that mask (it’s another sort of mysterious compared to Mink’s xD). He’s also pretty carefree in fact he’s kinda out of place if you compare him to the other more serious, cool characters you can go with.


Other characters:

Tae: Aoba’s grandmother, she’s kinda strict but means well.

Haga: The owner of Heibon, the Junk shop Aoba works at.

Kio, Nao and Mio: Three children who come into Heibon and terrorise  the shop and Aoba, they’re rather cute and aren’t around too much to be considered annoying (lol).

Yoshi: Is a lady who Aoba delivers a package to, she’s kinda pushy.

Mizuki: A friend of Aoba’s. He’s the leader of Dry juice.

Trip and Virus: They look like twins but apparently they are just brothers. They are both friends of Aoba that he has known for years. They are both part of the Yakuza ^^

Some of these are kinda sort but I was trying not to spoil anything and I do forget the finer details ^^;

Music and artwork

The music in this game is amazing! It’s really catchy and recognisable. Every character has their own song which really suits them, it just goes to show how much effort they put into the game since I’m kinda convinced the sound track is amazing. There is also some 8bit and chiptune in there, it’s interesting how this game combines the old in with the new. Even though it’s supposed to be futuristic this is an example of how fitting older elements are and how they flow perfectly into the game.

The artwork is really solid and I find it’s quite unique. It’s hard to describe, I find it detailed yet bold and simplistic at the same time? Like in the CGs you see the detail but in everywhere but there isn’t necessary in your face and it’s really pleasant to look at. I don’t know, maybe some you understand what I mean (I’m such a lost cause lol).

character designs are bold and memorable and even the characters in the background have funky clothing.


I loved this game, I finished playing it a week ago and i’m still pretty overwhelmed with everything that happened, though maybe I’m just overly emotional? If I had to rank the routes it would probably be like this:

  1. Clear
  2. Noiz
  3. True route (see no spoilers?!)
  4. Koujaku
  5. Mink

Though this is just my opinion. After thinking over everything about Mink’s route I feel that I understand him more but it doesn’t make me want to forgive him. In some ways I fine him the most interesting character…huh strange.

And yes I loved Clear’s route, I went into this game not expecting what to encounter and he was the thing that knocked me off my feet the most. I cried ^^; (I had to hold it in because people were in the room, he he…he).

Is it for you?

If you’re into boy’s love I would recommend to give it ago but I warn people here (I should have said this before) but the game is rather violent and has a fair amount of gore rather…interesting(?) things happening. You have been warned, it would be best to go into this game with an open mind. It’s quite graphic…

Also I wrote a walk though for anyone who wants to play it and may need some help since as of yet this game isn’t translated into English.


Thank you for reading ^^


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