Kippy’s figure ramblings (01/11/12)

So I haven’t written about any of the figures I like for a while and decided this would be a good time to ramble on about it. I would do figure reviews but alas, I do not own a camera and in order to do that I would have to borrow it from a friends and it’s just too much hassle! *throws arms up in the air in a huff!*

But it’s nice to talk about these sorts of things too! ^^

Firstly the most amazing figure to have caught my attention lately is Max Factory’s Aoba from DRAMAtical murder. I remember posting about this figure before but after lots of waiting he’s finally out for pre-order. I was so excited and wanted to get my hands on him so badly that I woke up at 5am just to order him (lol).

His price is rather steep. I believe the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is ¥14095, however places like Amiami and Hobbysearch will have discounts on him. Even so he’s still pretty expensive, at Amiami I believe he’s ¥11200!

The price doesn’t really put me off at all, this figure is perfect! Each character in the game (that has a route) has something here to represent them, and for me that’s a huge thing as I loved alot of the characters and just makes the price seem more worth it. Sorta like this isn’t just a figure of Aoba, this figure represents the entirely of the cast and shows the theme of the game through brilliantly. As well as Aoba himself being in a wonderful pose~

(Did I mention you get a Ren keychain with it?!)

Megahobby are also bringing out a Lancer figure! Kyaaa! I knew they were doing a Gilgamesh one but at this rate we’ll be getting Lancer first as his prototype is already out~

And what do I think?! Well firstly Lancer has a distinct lack of a bottom! I mean come on, you could have attempted to give him a bum that looks like it has some squish in it Megahouse! Not just that but his pose is rather boring! Honestly I don’t know if I’d buy him but the detail of painting on the Rider figure Megahouse did was amazingly detailed, so maybe it’ll be best to wait to see what Lancer here looks like painted.

It’s kinda worrying since Rider and Lancer both have pretty boring poses, does this mean maybe that Gilgamesh will just be standing there too?

An otome game called Amnesia is getting an anime adaptation soon, even though I thought nothing of it Media Factory are releasing some Nano-Colle’s!

They’re so cute! I don’t know any of the characters so I started playing the game to have an excuse to get them (lol). I do like this range though, they may be tiny but they look very different and interesting.

Tamashii nation was held not to long about and Bandai was showing off alot of figures, the only ones I was really interested in were the Magi ones, though the scaled ones weren’t really that interesting and honestly I’m waiting for better looking figures. However they announced a Jafar and Sinbad chibi-arts and man they sure didn’t disappoint!

YES OMFG NAKED LEAF SINBAD!!! Do I need to explain why I’m currently throwing money at the screen?

One last interesting piece of information I wish to share with you all is that Animate Girl’s Festival will be held on the 17th of November! Apparently Alter, Kotobukiya, Gift and Megahouse will be there to show off male figures!!! I honestly can’t wait to see what appears! There’s also Megahobby next month to look forward to, my wallet is going to cry!


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