Magi – Episode four

And it’s that time again where I watch A-1 Pictures take my favorite manga and try and turn it into a cash cow! Okay that’s very bias of me to say since I’ve been in an A-1 hating mood right now. Yeah…

So with the first arc of the story covered the anime lazily stumbles and rushing into the second arc. This arc itself is about a volume long and I say it’ll be covered in the 4th and 5th episode (which means more waiting until Sinbad and yes I was wrong!). At this point in the story Aladdin is missing and Alibaba now rich and whatnot leaves the city at the beginning of the episode in order to search for him (tehehe can’t wait till we see him again) leaving Mor there though she’ll obviously be coming back later on.

Aladdin ended up out in the sticks with some tribes people, this arc is pretty interesting in itself. Aladdin learns of his skills and Magi related things and this is the key point in which the Kou empire is introduced into the story and the strife that faces tribes people. You see people are pretty chill around here and it shows a nice balance between how these people live and the unfair treatment from the Kou, even though this tribe has been around for years and is strong that is only in it’s own `world` they are no match against such a strong military force.

The also see two sides to the Kou empire, you have the caring Princess who is trying her best to enroll people to become part of their kingdom by talking it through and listening to the tribes people, even showing them respect. On the other hand you have that breaded prick who knows he’s stronger than the tribes people and wishes to forcefully rule them using violence, fear and enslavement. Could this perhaps show the Kou empire isn’t as stable as it seems? Maybe there is some unrest in the ranks or even corruption behind the scenes…?

Pfft! I already know the answer!

Another way in which this helps Aladdin to grow is the time he spends with the old lady, he even begins to refer to her as `mother` (I think god I’m so forgetful, oh well) which is very sweet. He’s never really had anyone there for him no family, so here he feels at home.

It’s quite a nice relaxing time and it’s slowing you how things are done in this world, things are unfair, you can be right about something and shout your heart out to the heavens and still people are so blind by their greed and selfishness that they will ignore you and do really nasty things to you. It’s sad and frustrating and these struggles only get worse as time goes on.

I suppose, you know not giving too much away.

This episode was adapted from 5 chapters of the manga, so we’re still covering a large part of the story but at this rate everything doesn’t feel too rushed. As much as I want to hate on A-1 I didn’t actually mind this episode. Maybe it’s because it’s a glimmer of what’s to come and I’m getting really excited over it but it wasn’t too bad.

Well guys, till next time ^^

Other comments:

  • That ending and then the ending music (lol)
  • Aladdin feels more stupid here, in the manga he was developed enough that even when he did stupid things he was charming but here he’s kinda….meh?
  • Apparently no naked nipple lady next episode (sigh)
  • The episode was still quickly paced, since a lot happened they used different songs and I feel they changed too quickly and sort of clashed at times.

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