Rough guide to Liar-soft’s Steampunk World

I came across this pamphlet Acouple weeks ago while pottering about the net, and figured I’d upload it on my mediafire account as I’ve long forgotten where I first found it.

DL link below

The Rough Guide to the Steampunk world

Anyway I believe it was distributed at JAPANEXPO13; written by Hikaru Sakura (The writer for liar-soft’s Steampunk series, of course), Artwork by Gokokukyou, Ryuko Oishi and AKIRA and translated  by ‘The Asylum.With in this ‘Guide’ it gives you some information on some of the main characters within the series, places and important items. What really intrigues me about this particular piece is. firstly it gives a timeline of events and a short appendix, and secondly a nice little introduction by Hikaru Sakura (With hinting at the possibility of the series being officially translated).


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