Magi – Episode five

And with this the second arc of Magi comes to an end. I have to say I was quite happy with this episode compared to the past ones. We got to see a powerful female character kick some serious butt and A-1 Pictures were man enough to keep in the blue nipples! Which I didn’t think they would actually do, but hey they did and the ratings for the show went up (lol).

I almost didn’t see his chair…

As we find out Ren isn’t the one behind the attack of the old lady and it is in fact that really evil looking bearded man. Kinda obvious from the beginning to be honest. The tribes people aren’t very happy about all this and want to take the Kou army on, which doesn’t sound like a great idea at all.

Ren and the old lady settle this dispute for the time being and the tribe retreat back to their village. The old lady doesn’t want to see the village destroyed and just wants her clan to continue living peacefully. This is where the old lady dies of her injuries leaving Aladdin and her people devastated. This old lady has been pretty useful in the way that she gives us information about what it means to be a Magi. This is quite a sweet scene that’s shown well in the anime and it adds something nice to her character making her more memorable.

Of course that bearded dude is back and knowing nothing of what Ren and old lady has come to agreement to (and he really doesn’t care) aims to attack the tribes people. She finds out he’s taken over command of the army and tries to kill her which doesn’t go very well considering she uses her powers and her along with her underling basically fend off the entire army.

However Ren runs out of magoi and has to un-equip her Djinn though she thinks things will be okay since the army looks like it’s been taken care of. But she’s wrong and they get surrounded and even though she puts up a fight  is still powerless being out numbered. This is one of the reasons I like the female characters in this manga/anime especially since they do put up a good fight, Ren takes out quite a lot of people with her equip and even exhausted she still steals and sword and takes her adviser on before taking several arrows to the arms and legs. It’s awesome!

I would also like to point out the total disregard the bearded guy has for the people he commands, ordering his archers to fire at the enemy without any care if his own men get shot. Since his character hasn’t been around for that long all these actions just seem like stereotypical things a bad guy would do. But since this arc isn’t that big it doesn’t have any time to fill him out, also the aim of the arc isn’t really to fill this guy out but to show the Kou empire and for Aladdin to understand more about himself.

Of course before it’s too late Aladdin appears with Ugo and no one can honestly stand up to a big blue headless giant and Ugo swaps the enemy with his large hand. Afterwards Aladdin touches Ren’s fan which contains a Djinn.

It makes me happy that A-1 actually kept these in (lol I so didn’t mean to type `these`), I mean I suppose it may have just been to get ratings and gain more popularity which from what I can tell worked but I don’t really care since it’s keeping with the character’s Arabic designs.

Anyway yeah it turns out that Ren is a candidate for King or Queen in this case which makes sense. I mean Djinn tend to only stick around those kind of people. This is where we have a quick jump to some place in the Kou empire to see Judal, who is told to Aladdin to be another Magi. Though they don’t say Judal’s name.

Don’t listen to him Hakuryu! That midriff will suck you in!

The episode the ends with Aladdin being seen off by the tribes people and riding off down the road on carriages thinking about meeting Alibaba once again.

So in the end this episode wasn’t that bad, like I’ve said before they’re getting better and I hope that soon they’ll stop fitting so much into such a small space, these past two episodes were adapted from a single volume of manga. But it’s still gets all the right points and I feel that it deals with the characters better than before.

Other comments:

  • Some lazy animation at parts but the fight scenes are quite impressive.
  • I like the way this episodes keeps to the original showing how the tribes people deal with the issue of the Kou empire and how the Kou empire.
  • Morgiana next episode! This is going to be awesome. From the titles of the episode I assume that the pace may be slowing down and that episode six will focus entirely on the part with the thieves. It would be nice to see the anime do a slower pace for the story.
  • Still miffed at how lame the first arc is.

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