Magi – Episode six

The Balbadd arc is so close I’m getting really excited!! This episode focuses on Morgiana more, which is a nice change since so far we’ve seen a lot of Aladdin and Alibaba. Well not so much Alibaba but he has had a good fleshing out already. This episode shows us Mor who is traveling/working with caravans that will eventually lead her to her homeland.

This episode is interesting as it shows the abuse and the scars that have been left by it (both physically and mentally). And again this episode shows why I love the female cast in this anime so much, Mor kicks ass, the fight with the slavers is amazing and all that blood *_____*.

Since the first chapter of Magi was skipped in the anime, viewers won’t really be familiar with the two female characters that appear but they nicely fill in that they know Aladdin and events that happened may have not been entirely filled in but how they explained it I thought was well done. The pacing is a lot better in this episode and even though it still uses 5 chapters, they were able to cover this part, explaining about Morgiana and filling out her character a bit more the other characters as well as how her and Aladdin meet up again.

The main issue I have with the anime that I really hope it fixes as soon as possible considering the Balbadd arc starts next episode, is the fact that they can’t portray urgency and strife nearly as well compared to the manga. Sure that little girl was about to be eaten and the bonding session between her and Mor was covered I didn’t feel that there was as much danger and it wasn’t as tense. The anime has done a better job getting the atmosphere of Magi down yet it still needs to do a few things before being at the same standard as the manga.

Though the fight scenes are well done, it must be hard to animate Mor constantly jumping around and kicking. I really appreciate the fact they kept blood, it makes the anime feel more grown up and dark then just cheating and not putting any in.

One of the main things about this episode is Mor reinforcing that she is no longer a slave and she is her own person with her own goals in life and does not belong to anyone. It nicely ties  up everything Mor has faced in her life before which is a lot better then living it out in the open and it’s naive to assume just because she’s apart from her master her struggle is not over.

Extra notes:

  • I can’t really think of much to say about this episode that I haven’t already said. I am enjoying the anime more as it goes a long and it gives me hope that the anime may end on a high note which would be wonderful considering I really didn’t like the anime when it started out.
  • Still looking out for that `anime original character` ¬¬

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