Lonely Yuri: Visual novel review

Developer: Yuro no Hitsuji

Release date: 19/06/2012
English translation date: 13/11/2012 by DLsite

Genre:Romance, Shoujo Ai


Our story begins when Fusa Konno is asked by her homeroom teacher to deliver some handouts to a truant pupils house. After school Fusa goes to Seri Aeba’s (the truant pupil) home and is invited into wait so they can hand the handouts to her in person. While waiting Fusa soon drifts off into sleep, only to be awakened by a light kiss.

(Excuse the poor description)


The review bit

Lonely Yuri ( Kodoku ni Kiku Yuri the original japanese name) is a lovely little sweet story, and I do mean short taking easily under 2 hours to finish. While the story is fairly simple, it’s got a sort of charm to it. A simplicity with no real waste.
There’s hardly even much music or even sounds used, it’s complete silence in alot of places within the story and while  that would normally bug me, it just doesn’t in this case. When there is music it’s the same pleasant tune, the only sounds really used are the sound of rain and splashing .

(Super thin limbs, but pretty none the less)

Aesthetically the art’s also quite simple, Though I was surprised at the amount of CG’s in the game, Not to mention the quality, I really think some of them are so sweet and pretty. For backgrounds as you’d expect from a short work it’s Photographic stuff; so not much to say there.

(shimmer shimmer , lesbians~ Such a cute image the hnnggss)

When I first started I didn’t expect much of anything from this, I was expecting to go meh at the end but What Lonely Yuri really did do, was make me read it all in one go, it hooked me start to finish. The pure romance fading later into bittersweet then going sweet as they come to terms with their love for each other, a formula that rarely fails for me. The interaction between Fusa and Seri was well written and gripping, I was routing for these characters. They were soo damn cute together. While it’s unlikely that it’ll stick in your head for years to come lonely Yuri  will make you feel good inside for atleast alittle while.

With all taken into consideration, it’s worth some of everyones time, Anyone who reads this should go enjoy it, it’s soo short and actually good that it should be a crime not to.

(lesbians are great)

Shh dont tell but here’s a DL link  Should probably have mentioned this ones All-ages, but hey.

~Uuchujin’s ramblings~

~No need to read this~

Did you enjoy my verbal ass kissing of this game? I’ve come to notice that so far I’ve only reviewed things I’ve actually liked, hence all the praise I give. I should probably review something I had issues with anyway see you next time

























One thought on “Lonely Yuri: Visual novel review

  1. What is it about Lonely Yuri that makes it such a delight? It has a charm to it that simply must be read to be understood. Maybe it’s because it is as simple and sweet of a yuri story as you’ll get…and yet it has some depth to it, that being Seri’s loneliness and…signature moment during a certain maid scene. Anyway, lovely little story that should be read AT LEAST once!

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