Animate girls festival

Not too long ago I posted about Animate Girls festival having a date and last weekend the festival went ahead and we had a few interesting things shown by Alter.  There were four figures from their ALTAiR line (so male figures yay!).

First up we are finally shown the painted prototypes of Ittoki Otoya (the guy with red hair) and Ichinose Tokiya (the blue one). It’s also shown that they have two heads showing different expressions which is pretty neat though I’m sure it’ll just drive the price up quite a lot. I’m not a huge fan of the paint job to be honest, they look kinda plain and sorta off. Maybe it’s the gloss or the way the outfit is. I’m used to seeing lots of shading in Alter’s figures and the outfit may not allow this.

More than anything I want to know if the heads can be stuck on each other’s body! For instance make Ittoki wear Ichinose’s outfit! That thought rather amuses me!











And we’re getting two more Utapri figures, there’s Hijirikawa Masato (the blue one) and Jinguuji Ren (the yellow one). This is probably a good indication that all six of the guys will be getting figures and probably two heads with different expressions. Though I won’t be buying any of them since I’m not a huge fan of the outfits and my favorite character Natsuki has the worst outfit out of all of them ¬¬.

Getting all six would be rather expensive. What’s more we don’t know if these figures will be exclusive or standard, but I don’t see no reason why they’d be exclusive. This anime does seem to be pretty popular!

Moving on we were also shown a painted version of Fate/Zero’s Waver and the mini Rider that will be coming will him.

I like the use of colour here a lot more than in the UtaPri guys, but still Waver’s pose is rather boring, he can be as cute as he wants but I don’t really seem any need to buy him. I’m rather frustrated that his command seal is not easily seen! I didn’t think he would be too expensive but he’s coming with two heads showing different expressions and as I’ve said before a mini Rider. Alter really know how to get the price up on these things.

Lastly but certainly not least Alter showed off the latest figure from their Tales of range that character being Raven from Tales of Vesperia!! This is what I was waiting for! I loved this game and Raven was by far my favorite character and he’s finally been painted and he looks great!

As told before he will be coming with a mini fig of himself just like the rest of the figures from Tales of Vesperia. And surprisingly enough he’ll also have two faces which look wonderful. His hair is so beautiful!! I love him so much!!! I’m rather interested to see what the price will be like, I imagine two heads and a mini figure is going to be rather expensive. But at least the finished product looks great!

Okay enough of that! This weekend was kinda disappointing for me as I was only really interested in Raven and I think i got myself all worked up thinking more would be shown off. None of the other companies had anything to show off which is quite sad, however considering it’s Megahobby next week I want to be positive that maybe we’ll see more things get painted and what not.

Thank you for reading!



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