Megahobby autumn 2012

Megahobby is over and gladly nothing new was announced that I really want so I guess this is a god send of some sort. The only things of real note were prototypes painted or not.

Last week I was talking about Alter’s Waver figure and this week we have Megahouse’s Waver to drool over. I’ll be straight I don’t like Alter’s version at all, to the point where I think it’s ugly however MH’s is everything I ever wanted in a Waver figure.

Thankith to the ninja photographers!! 

He may be in a boring/average pose but in my opinion it’s tone better than the moe and rather weak looking. Though that is a part of Waver’s character I’m a fan of his strong and determined side that placed loyalty towards Rider (oh dear god I’m getting those feels remembering Fate/Zero). Also you can clearly see his command seal which was a big thing for me, for some reason. Just like the rest of the M.M.S Collection (at the moment containing Rider, Lancer and Gilgamesh) he is really detailed! It’s rather beautiful!  Pre-orders for this figure open on the 3rd of December and this figure is going to be released in March. Unfortunately he’s an exclusive so he’s going to be hard to get and more expensive than normal ¬¬.

Speaking of the M.M.S collection…

Oh dear god painted and in the flesh! He’s beautiful!! And perfect!

And also…

Gilgamesh is coming with the gate of babylon!! He looks amazing! The M.M.S collection may have figure with average poses but the paint work is really detailed and truely beautiful and I love it.

Now that I think about it Alter’s Milla figure (Tales of Xillia) seems to have had her paint job fixed! I was going to put picture up comparing but wordpress was being a bitch!

It isn’t so clear right now but while her tips at the end are some what translucent her main body of hair isn’t! Which it great. But we won;t really know 100% until people start getting her through on the 7th of December! Be interesting to see what the hair looks like under natural light.

Another interesting figure on the list is Kotobukiya’s Jounouchi or Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh! I like this line that Koto have been doing but I’ve haven’t found one that I really want. As good as Joey looks at first glimpse his head looks way too big for his body. It’s insane. But if you imagine him bald (lol) you’ll see it’s really his hair that’s too big.

And lastly I would like to talk about Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Who has a more presentable prototype this time round. The last time he was showed off in all yellow and rough looking.

There’s Vash in the back ground! He looks beautiful! I haven’t seen Trigun in a while so I can’t really remember what his cross weapon thing is called (whoops lol).

So this Megahobby was okay! The next major event next is Wonder festival in February. I believe, I’m not too sure.

Anyway thank you for reading! If there’s anything you enjoyed about this Megahobby comment below or something.


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