Otomate’s Amnesia: First impressions


Not to be confused with Amnesia the dark descent this is Otomate’s Amnesia, which instead of monsters this game is full of beautiful boys…aww, well isn’t that lovely! I decided to pick this game up after I heard Brains Base was going to adapt it into an anime so I thought I might as well give the game as go since it’s nice to know something about the source material and not being left completely in the dark.

AmnesiaFrom left to right Shin, Kent (top), Touma, Orion (middle) Ukyo (top) and then Ikki

The game begins with the heroine (which you even get to name) finding herself in some strange world and she seems to have lost her memory, which is where the games gets it’s name from (she has amnesia…get it?). Then a young boy by the name of Orion appears in front of her and in order to get her to regain her memories asks a bunch of questions. These questions basically dictate which route you will play, there is Shin, Ikki, Kent and Touma. Not only are you on their route but from the get go they are your `boyfriend`. When the route has been decided the heroine and Orion try to work out about the heroine’s life normally without giving it away that they have lost their memories, though this changes depending on which route you’re on (of course). You’re given a month to play each route and find out the secret of each one.

I had a lot of trouble playing this game as it was on the PSP and there were no translation tools I could use as aid, so I kinda did this by ear as it were and ended up on Kent’s route. Firstly the relationship between the Heroine and Orion is rather interesting, the heroine doesn’t really talk that much which leaves Orion doing most of the talking, I don’t really mind that since he’s rather adorable! With Orion doing all the talking it’s much easier to imprint onto the heroine and more importantly she isn’t annoying! This is really because of the lack of character she has, seriously I wonder why she has friends since she hardly interacts with them. But I don’t dislike the fact she doesn’t talk. I’m rather interested to see how they translate this over into the anime,, though most anime companies just paste in a annoying female character.

Kent and OrionJust your average game play

So yes Kent. One thing about him is that he monologues a lot! I had no idea what he was going on about most of the time, Orion butting in was some sort of god send since he was actually saying stuff I had a better grasp over and not pages and pages of just…blah! I won’t lie! I read someone’s guides on what happens in each route while I was playing, my Japanese isn’t that great ^^;. Kent can be sweet but there are some bits about his personality that bug me. Though his relationship with Ikki is cute so I’m willing to forgive his flaws.

Of the the four routes the best one is probably Ikki, I found the other characters to be too bland or I became too disinterested in them. Though I had a shock when I found out who the yandere is in this game…really didn’t see that coming. I can’t really comment on Ukyo since I know nothing of his route (this is supposed to be first impressions!).

Amnesia UkyoSorry dude, you seem awesome!

The backgrounds and music are rather subdued, isn’t too easy on the eyes or ears but nothing overly exciting It gets the job done, though the backgrounds are rather boring and have no real detail or colour in them, I guess that’s the style of the game but it’s not really appealing, especially when you spend hours looking at them.

The character designs are nice and the boys look very pretty…their clothes are a little…odd.

Overall I wasn’t too impressed with this game, I’ll watch the anime but I’m not expecting much of it since this game is rather dull. It’s not bad and has some fun moments but I don’t really recommend pouring hours of time into it (like I did).

I really liked the opening for this game, the song is pretty and the visuals are well done.

Thank you for reading!


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