All you need to know about KipChu

The delightful pair known as `KipChu` welcomes you to the blog.

What? You have questions? You need answers? Well I’m sure you’ve come to the right place! Here is a little entry on things you may want to know. However it doesn’t matter if you read it all since we’ll never reveal where we hid the bodies!!!

What is KipChu?

KipChu is a combination of two `nicknames`  Kippy and Uuchujin.

What kind of blog is KipChu?

This blog focuses on Kippy’s and Uuchujin’s great love and hobby that is Japanese manga, anime and games. We plan to mainly focus on these things as a general rule on the blog but we will writ about anything that takes our fancy. We will also have guest writers contribute on our blog. These guests will normally be our friends who need a space to write or lend their opinion on any subject. These subjects will be geeky in nature ^^

So there are two of you writing this blog?

Uuchujin is more of a relaxed and humorous kind of person. They have watched many anime and played many visual novels, thus Uuchujin will normally focus on the funny things they sees and writes about whatever amuses them.

Kippy on the other hand is more of a serious person who is generally unimpressed by many things and likes picking at the smallest of details. Mainly watches anime and has a large manga collection. Kippy is currently into buying figures.

What do you guys do when you’re not indulging in your hobby?

We’re currently both students, one working with interactive media and the dealing with Animal Science. Apart from that all we really do is related to our hobby (laugh).

Do you have any dreams for the future?

Kippy would just like to get a job that they enjoy and allows them to continue doing this hobby which they love so much. The only thing Kippy can really say they have as a dream is one day visiting Japan \o/.

Uuchujin here, I plan on finishing my college course and possibly taking it further into uni. future job plans you ask? Uuchujin  is interested in working within the anime distribution industry. Other than that I plan on making a horror/Mystery visual novel in the next year of my current course, if I can pull it off.

Are you anywhere else on the internet?

We both have Twitter accounts!

Kippy’s is @mangakippy

Uuchujin’s is @Uuchujin

Kippy also has a MFC!!! Here you go:

Additional comments

If there is anything we haven’t covered and you would like to know something don’t be afraid to ask. It is the same if there is anything you recommend that you would like us to write about. We are always open to ideas.

Any sarcastic, rude, pointless and nasty comments will be deleted. If you want to discuss why you think we’re wrong that’s fine, but everyone has their own opinions as well as  likes and dislikes. There’s no point forcing it onto someone else.


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