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Tales of Vesperia

Today is an exceptionally fine day as I was able to finish Tales of Vesperia! I’m so happy! It was such an awesome game, I really did enjoy playing it! I’m normally pretty bad at games but I seem to actually know what I’m doing here!! For those who don’t know what this amazing game is I’ve … Continue reading

Upcoming visual novels I’m interested in

It’s probably a bit late to be talking about this seeing as a large amount of the Visual novels I’m looking forward to will be released within the next week, But! None the less I will anyway. Robotics;Notes A collaboration between 5pb and Nitroplus, set in the same universe as their past releases; choas; head … Continue reading

The Darkness 2

[It shall be noted that this review is for the single player only] There was a time when I bought my first Xbox 360 (notice the word ‘first’) and was looking for some games to actually play on it, I picked up two to start with, Sonic 06 (we’ll get to that at a later … Continue reading