Visual Novel help: Translation Tools for playing Untranslated Visual novels

For those that want to play untranslated VN’s for any reason E.g. The Vn you want to play will never get translated or you just want to play it before everyone else.  Now as a foreword, these tools will automatically translate visual novels but Don’t expect anything close to a perfect translation, I’d recommend that you either know some Japanese or have indulged in enough Japanese media, anime, listening to seiyuu you know stuff like that, to have somewhat picked up some listening skills (This is because most visual novels are voiced)

What you’ll need to do is download this

A bundle of: Atlas v14 +  agth + ITH + Translation aggregator

Now what these are;
Firstly Atlas v14, a good machine translator what can translate automatically to a clipboard
Agth-(anime game text hooker) Is a text hooker it simply takes the text displayed and then gives it to a program like Atlas (I wont be going through Agth because I think ITH is better overall)
ITH-(interactive text hooker) Does the same thing as Agth, but is just better.
Translation aggregator- (TA) another translation engine, but grabs the hooked text and can give it to a number of other translators, such as Atlas, Bing, google translate e.c.t. e.c.t. (you’ll only really need to use atlas and one or two others though)

Extract all the files (I used WinRAR for this)

Please note that these programs will work with most visual novels way over 90% of them anyway.

-Now this is important to make full use of Atlas forever you’ll need to put the two cracks in the same folder where you installed atlas- MAKE SURE TO  READ THE READ ME,  now when you first try to install Atlas it will say that the trail ended sometime in 2010 , what you need to do is change your date setting to before it says the trail ran out for example sometime early in 2010, it’s easy to do and you can just change your date back to current day after it’s installed.

Now for the good stuff.

Ok so first open ITH and Translation aggregator

(When you first open TA there will be lots of different translators, you only really need Atlas, JParser and  Mecab open , more about JParser and Mecab later)

Then open your Untranslated visual novel

(I’ll just use Cartagra, by Innocent grey for the example VN; Notice how I’ve aranged TA and ITH around the window, I do this because it just takes up less space on my screen)

Now when your vn is running just click on the ‘ Process’ button on ITH it’ll come up with all your running processes, you just select the visual novel .exe, then simply select ‘Attach’ after clicking on attack you will be able to ‘Add profile’ this will make ITH auto attach onto the visual novel next time you run it (with the newest version of ITH anyway)

Make sure to go into ‘Option’ and tick Auto copy to clipboard for obvious reasons.

Play the game Till you get some text.

once some text pops up you’ll get more hook options from the list of hooks (there can sometimes be alot of them) pick the one that has the exact same text as what is in the game, Don’t pick one that had double characters e.c.t. use your head and pick the sane option.

And if all go goes well you get some understandable English.

That’s the bare meat and bones of the basic stuff you’ll need and have to do to make this stuff work below I’ll go into some more detail about some little extra things you can do.

First of all as you can see ITH has a boring white background you can easily change it by following what’s written below, be sure to save the image you want as a .Bmp file or it wont work.

So you can go from boring and bland to!

(A moe background, or whatever you Want)

Mecab and JParser

Now fairly common problems with Atlas are that, the Atlas dictionary may not have some Kanji in it at which point it gives you a really unhelpful [**] and that kanji can be read multiple ways meaning Atlas doesn’t always give the right one. Mecab and JParser help with these problems giving a slightly better translation, personally after having not used them for awhile then switching to using them, I’ve Noticed the quality of the translation is better (just still don’t expect great translation it’s still machine translated folks)

DL for Mecab

All you need to do is install, just make sure you choose any dictionary other than UTF16, so just pick one till it works.


A tad more fiddly than Mecab just go to ‘Current version & download’, grab either ‘edict2.gz’ or ‘edict.gz’, when I did this It came up as a bunch of random text, if it does this just right click and save as making sure to save it in the Translation aggregator folder in in the dictionaries folder

(I saved my edict2 file the same way and it works fine, I know theres alot of other crap I’n there but it’s not important)

After it’s all working, if it’s not it’ll say so in the JParser and Mecab boxes in your TA window.

Once it’s working you’ll notice that you’ll have highlighted text and that above Hiragana, Katakana and kanji you’ll have the romanji, this shows that it should be working.

If you with to change any setting on Translation aggregator it’s very simple, click on the “spanner” for what ever program you want to configure and you’ll be able to change font sizes, the colour that it highlights things e.c.t.)

So yeah that’s all the basic stuff you need to do, I’ll endeavour to keep this little help guide up to date (link wise and information wise) Though there are other programs you can use to translate Japanese visual novels, the ITH and TA combo seems to work the best for me. I hope this guide has helped. Please feel free to ask any questions relating to this guide via commenting I’ll attempt to answer any and all questions to the best of my ability.


116 thoughts on “Visual Novel help: Translation Tools for playing Untranslated Visual novels

  1. Help plz. I download the Atlasv14 Trial, but when I try to install it, it says that my 30-days trial has expired. And it has nothing to do with the clock of my system (I set it at january 2009…). What do I do ?

    • The original version of ITH doesn’t work with windows 10. You have to search for another version called ITHVNR, which does work. However, it doesn’t have as many features as the original did. It’s a minor difference though.

  2. Thank you very much! =D
    I was wondering if there is a way to use these tools for vns from emulators? (Ex: using them for ppsspp? Sometimes I want to buy the games, but don’t have the console)

  3. help, somehow my ITH won’t grab the full words from the vn. like it just grabbing random katakana or kanji

  4. I believe I have everything set up correct but when I get to the part where ITH is supposed to give text to TA no text Japanese or English appears in any of the boxes. Someone please help.

  5. I use ITH but it says ,that it failed ,when I wanted to connect it with visual novel… Why? What can I do,please?

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  7. Everything seems to work, however, there is one minor problem. Under the Translation Aggregator, below the ATLAS tab, its states ‘Failed to initialize Fujitsu ATLAS v14.’. The cause of the problem is that the main Atlas folder had been moved after installation. Is there any way for the Translation Aggregator to re-recognized the location of the Atlas folder?

    P.S; there are various reasons that the Atlas folder had to be moved.

  8. THANK YOU so much for creating this very helpful guide. Finally I’m able to understand the text in the Japanese vn’s. I can’t believe it works!

  9. Thanks for this, it really helped out.
    Now all that’s left is the grind. It’ll be time consuming but worth it.

  10. in my case the front latter in mecab is not alphabet is a hiragana

    how do i fix this and change a hiragana to alphabet

  11. Thx that’s work for me…

    just want to ask… Is there any way to save our own translation…

    I mean, sometimes the result is poor, and I know the closest meaning (if I’m not lazy). If there’s a way to input our own translation and load/sync so I can play it whenever I want it’ll be very helpful (I kinda lazy these days to do a manual translate)

  12. For some reason ATLAS is giving me nothing but romanji by default. Is there a setting somewhere that I have to change?

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